Abandoned 17th century hotel once home to lords on the market for HALF the price of a London home 

Abandoned 17th century hotel once home to lords on the market for HALF the price of a London home 

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A CLASSICALLY beautiful, but abandoned French hotel is up for sale for half the price of a London home.

The entire 17th-century boutique hotel in the village of Anduze, southern France, is on the market for just £278,000.


The 17th-century hotel, located in southern France, is on sale for just £278,000[/caption]


The establishment was left abandoned after being built 400 years ago[/caption]


The rooms consist of large, arched windows overlooking a peaceful French village[/caption]


The historic building is in need of major restorations[/caption]

Close to Cévennes National Park and the holiday hotspot coastal city of Montpellier, the hôtel particulier sits in the heart of the village.

Falling apart gracefully, it boasts four old-fashioned, but stunning suits with en-suite bathrooms across four floors.

The place is full of high decorated ceilings, terracotta tiled floors, and a gorgeous wooden staircase that winds up the building.

Big arched windows and glass-panned French doors lead onto balconies with views over the quaint village, which dates back to pre-Roman times.

It also has a ground-level home for the owner to live in and a commercial space that is currently used as a shoe shop.

The hotel was originally built four hundred years ago as a luxurious private residence for the Lords of Générargues.

However, the historic building is in need of major restoration.

The new owners will need to pour a lot of love, time, and cash into modernising the building.

Elsewhere, another abandoned hotel has hit the market at £8million – but this one comes with hundreds of rooms, tennis courts, bars and nightclubs.

The luxury seaside resort is a shell of its former glory after being left to rot for 14 years.

Hotel Itapirubá, on the coast in Laguna, Brazil, was opened in 1978 but closed for good in 2009 after management issues.

Spread over 60 thousand square metres on the idyllic coast, haunting pictures show over 200 hollowed-out rooms where guests once slept.

Drained swimming pools, rusting playgrounds, and graffitied outhouses now sit in ruins on top of prime luxury real estate.

It’s not the only tourist resort left neglected around the globe.

In Tenerife, a 22-storey hotel, also on the beachfront, has sat empty for 50 years.

Chilling photographs show the inside of the mammoth resort – which was supposed to house 741 individual apartments.

Meanwhile, an entire abandoned village with 44 homes is up for sale – and it could be yours for the same price as just one house.

Salto de Castro, in north-western Spain, gets 135 days of sun each year and boasts its own hotel, pool, and bar.

No one has lived in Salto de Castro for three decades, but now it could all be yours.


There are four stunning suites with en-suites spread across four floors[/caption]


A beautiful staircase winds up through the building[/caption]


It was originally built as a luxurious private residence for the Lords of Générargues[/caption]


A grand wooden staircase and terracotta tiles adorn the abandoned hotel[/caption]


The spacious rooms have high ceilings that have been left to crack and peel over the decades[/caption]

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