Amy Duggar SWEARS on Camera, Continues to Defy Family Dress Code!

Amy Duggar SWEARS on Camera, Continues to Defy Family Dress Code!

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Amy Duggar has long been the biggest rebel in her famously ultra-conservative family.

Sure, Jinger Duggar rebelled by wearing pants and moving to Los Angeles, but those are relatively tame acts of defiance compared to what Amy has pulled off.

Even before Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges, Amy made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with her infamous uncle Jim Bob or the toxic environment he’d created for his children.

These days, Amy is enjoying a level of freedom that would’ve seemed impossible just a few short years ago.

Amy Duggar is not a fan of her cousin Josh. And now, she’s opening up about the ways in which he’s affected her life. (Photo via Instagram)

In addition to disobeying the Duggar dress code, Amy listens to secular music, and she even drinks alcohol!

Amy says she’s still a devout Christian, but she now realizes most of the rules that were handed down by Jim Bob are not based on anything in the Bible and are instead the result of the patriarch’s desperate desire to control his family.

Like many people who grew up in strict fundamentalist communities, Amy still sees value in the faith she was raised with — she just doesn’t feel the need to adhere to some of the more ridiculous rules.

Amy Duggar shocked fans in her latest Instagram Live session. (Photo via Instagram)

And in her latest Instagram Live session, Amy took advantage of her freedom like never before by swearing on camera.

Amy was trying out different lipstick colors when she encountered a forbidden word and decided to just go for it.

“This other color that I’m going to wear tonight is called blushin’…” she said, pausing for a moment.

Amy uttered a curse word, her first time doing so on camera! (Photo via Instagram)

“Blushin’ B-tch – the b-word. I’m gonna say it!” she continued.

It was a minor moment that would have gone unnoticed in the vast majority of cases, but for Amy, it must have felt incredibly liberating.

It’s the first time that she’s ever uttered a curse word on camera, and it’s the kind of behavior that she was raised to believe would condemn an individual to an eternity in hell.

Amy Duggar has lost a lot of weight in recent months. And she recently shared her progress with fans on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

Amy chuckled at her initial hesitancy to speak the “b-word,” but she quickly recovered and continued with the video as though nothing had happened.

“I actually really love that color!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, I like it. It’s already very matte.”

It was an adventurous week for Amy, who also showed off some risqué (by Duggar standards) fashion statements ahead of a date night with her husband, Dillon King.

Again, not exactly a scandalous act for most grown women, but it’s impossible to overstate how patriarchal and oppressive Amy’s upbringing was.

Swearing on Instagram or dressing stylishly might not seem like a big deal to most of us — but for Amy, these things are daring assertions of her newfound independence!

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