Angry Karen told me to cover up at the beach while wearing bikini – reason for her bizarre rant left me stunned 

Angry Karen told me to cover up at the beach while wearing bikini – reason for her bizarre rant left...

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A WOMAN was left stunned when a furious “Karen” told her to cover up her skimpy bikini as she tried to enjoy a day in the sun.

Aurea Miranda faced the full wrath of her aggressor as she attempted to film herself dancing near to Freedom Lake, New York.

Aurea Miranda was told off by an angry woman over the skimpiness of her bikini
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Jam Press

The aggressive lady had a lot to say about Aurea’s choice of beach outfits[/caption]

Aurea, who is a dancer originally from Mexico, barely had time to enjoy her day out before an unidentified, irate woman stormed over.

The so-called “Karen” insisted she “get her a** covered” because her sons were staring at her.

She said: “You see those group of boys over there? Those are my boys.

“They’re staring at your a**, which is hanging out in the middle of a public place.”

The bizarre rant continued: “Do you need a pair of shorts? Because I have an extra pair.”

“What do you mean?” asked Aurea innocently.

“I mean get you’re a** covered. That’s what I mean. Thank you,” the woman shot back.

The stunning dark-haired dancer asked if there was any rule stating she couldn’t wear a revealing bikini.

And the lady, dubbed in the comments as “beach Karen”, hit back by arguing their was a rule against “public nudity” – despite the young TikToker clearly wearing clothes.

She spat: “Yeah there is, it’s called nudity. You can’t be nude on a beach like this. It’s a public place.”

Aurea later confirmed with park workers that her swimsuit was absolutely fine to wear.

She posted the clip on TikTok, where it amassed more than 3.1million views as plenty of users were outraged at the way the woman had spoken to her.

Meanwhile, another beachgoer has also told of how a “toxic Karen” didn’t like her swimsuit choice.

Married content creator Clawed Beauty (@clawed_beauty101) is a self-described Christ follower, who doesn’t mind showing her body.

However, she was furious when a random lady on the beach told her to “cover up” her stomach because it was “difficult” for her husband to control himself around her.

Elsewhere, a women revealed a bizarre encounter she had with yet another “Karen” over a simple outfit.

Lexxi Booti, a self-described “small town girl in a big city world”, said that a female stranger was outraged at her “inappropriate” outfit.

However, the TikTok creator was totally baffled as she was almost completely covered up.

On a similar note, a fitness lover has delivered the perfect response to criticisms of her active wear by so-called “gym Karens”.

She thinks she looks cute and disagrees with any haters who call her style inappropriate.

“How I feel walking into the gym with my cute new gym set, ready to p*ss off some Karens who think I don’t dress appropriately,” the woman told her TikTok fans.

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Aurea stood her ground against the ‘Karen’ who told her to ‘cover up’[/caption]

Jam Press

The stunning Mexican dancer was baffled at the woman’s unwelcome comments[/caption]

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