Anker’s fastest power bank is matching its lowest price

Anker’s fastest power bank is matching its lowest price

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Anker power bank sitting on table
It’s the ideal power bank if your office never stops moving. | Photo: Anker

My army of portable chargers is eight soldiers strong. It’s a little ridiculous, but the variety gives me flexibility to pick the perfect charger for the day’s needs, whether it’s my sleek MagSafe charger to keep my iPhone going on longer days or a bigger brick for my iPad, camera, and other devices when I anticipate heavier usage. My collection ballooned as charging tech improved over the years, but it’s way more than any one person needs.

I’m hoping to consolidate my kit with the Anker Prime 27,650mAh Power Bank (250W) I’ve been eyeing, and now seems a decent time to buy since it’s matching its all-time low of $124.99 ($55 off) at Amazon and directly from Anker with code WS7DV2MTYMJV. It’s compatible with an optional $69.99 magnetic…

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