Apple CEO Tim Cook got roasted for his lackluster, bored-looking checkered flag waving at Formula One’s US Grand Prix

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Tim Cook waves the checkered flag at the US grand prix
Tim Cook’s unenthusiastic flag wave at the Circuit of the Americas.

  • Tim Cook got the honor of waving the checkered flag at Formula One’s United States Grand Prix Sunday.
  • People across the world of F1 were quick to roast for his apparent lack of enthusiasm however.
  • “Possibly the worst checkered flag-waving in Formula One history,” one prominent commentator said.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is being mocked by the world of Formula 1 for his unenthusiastic flag-waving at the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas Sunday.

Cook became the latest in a long line of well-known figures to signal the end of an F1 race by waving the checkered flag, joining the likes of David Beckham and Serena Williams.

Cook’s lackluster performance with the flag, however, spawned a flurry of criticism and jokes.

YouTuber Chris Dixon, who has over five million subscribers, suggested that Cook must have accidentally taken a “surrendering your country flag-waving course.” 


ESPN’s official Twitter account joined in on the joke sarcastically telling the tech boss to “calm down.”

Sky Sports commentator Ted Kravitz also chimed in, calling it “possibly the worst checkered flag-waving in Formula One history.”

“All the wealth in the world, and all the iPhones and iPads, can’t give you a strong wrist,” he added.

Others took the chance to poke fun at Apple’s business model, with one racing fan tweeting: “Tim Cook has promised to wave the flag slightly better next year, but you’ll have to pay him $1500 for the upgrade.” 

A French supporter also said that Cook’s slowness resembled iPhone batteries at the end of the day, while one Nascar writer quipped that it wouldn’t close his Apple Watch exercise ring.

Business writer Trung Phan joked that Cook’s half-hearted performance was the result of jealousy following Netflix’s success with the F1 “Drive to Survive” series. 

The Apple CEO was earlier photographed in the Mercedes garage alongside Brad Pitt, who will star in an Apple Original film about the sport produced by Sir Lewis Hamilton. 

The humor spread to TikTok too, with one user setting the clip to music from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, comparing Cook to a robotic NPC.

The tech boss also had an embarrassing moment when Martin Brundle, a former driver turned reporter, didn’t recognize Cook on the grid walk and pushed past him to inspect the brakes on one of the cars.

Luckily for Cook, his flag-waving didn’t overshadow an eventful day at the Circuit of the Americas, where Max Verstappen tied the record for most victories in an F1 season and Red Bull secured the constructors’ championship.

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