Are Micah and Kaz from ‘Perfect Match’ season 2 still together?

Are Micah and Kaz from ‘Perfect Match’ season 2 still together?

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Micah Lussier and Kaz Bishop star in this season of "Perfect Match."
Micah Lussier and Kaz Bishop star in this season of “Perfect Match.”

  • Warning: Spoilers ahead for the first six episodes of “Perfect Match” season two.
  • In the new season, “Love Is Blind” alum Micah Lussier couples up with “Dated & Related” star Kaz Bishop.
  • Here’s an update on their on their relationship. 

Micah Lussier and Kaz Bishop’s relationship seems to be over after the latest batch of “Perfect Match” episodes.

Lussier is on her second attempt at a reality TV romance after trying and failing to find a husband on Netflix’s most popular reality show, “Love Is Blind.”

She appears in the latest season of “Perfect Match,” a Netflix crossover series in which fan favorites from other shows compete and date to find their partner.

In episode two, Lussier pairs up with “Dated & Related” alum Kaz Bishop, and the pair wins two couples’ challenges in the season.

But their relationship is constantly tested in the second half of the series. First Bishop is sent on a date with Holly Scarfone, who previously starred in “Too Hot To Handle” season three.

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Kaz Bishop on his date with Holly Scarfone in "Perfect Match" season two.
Kaz Bishop on his date with Holly Scarfone in “Perfect Match” season two.

When Bishop returns, he struggles to decide who to pick between Scarfone and Lussier. Lussier gets angry about this situation and calls Bishop a liar. They make up in episode seven and match together again.

However, later in the episode, Lussier and Bishop are caught in another fight after he starts to chat with another new contestant, Brittan Byrd.

In this case, Byrd and the other contestants start the argument by saying that Bishop is unfaithful to Lussier and wants to marry someone else. Bishop tells off the group for spreading lies about him behind their back.

Bishop and Lussier overcome this obstacle but end up in a third argument in episode nine. Lussier is angry with Bishop this time for talking to a third new contestant, Christine Obanor, and kissing Scarfone in a game. Bishop is annoyed that Lussier has told other contestants that they are the weakest couple.

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The pair have a screaming match and finally break up. Bishop matches up with Obanor, and Lussier pairs up with Izzy Zapata.

It seems their relationship is officially over, but we will find out if they come back together in the season finale, which airs on Netflix on June 21.

Regardless, here are the other clues that the couple probably isn’t together anymore.

Micah Lussier has posted on social media about other dates

"Perfect Match" stars Micah Lussier and Izzy Zapata in the season 6 reunion of "Love is Blind."
“Perfect Match” stars Micah Lussier and Izzy Zapata in the season 6 reunion of “Love is Blind.”

Netflix reality series are often filmed months or even years before they premiere. This means that contestants often do not post anything about their relationships from the reality show or new relationships until after the series has aired.

While we do not know exactly when “Perfect Match” season two was filmed, it was likely before the fall of 2023, when some contestants had other TV commitments.

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Since September 2023, Lussier has shared three TikTok posts about going on new dates. In the first post shared on September 16, 2023, Lussier shows the man she is dating, and he doesn’t look anything like Bishop.

Lussier has not confirmed that she has a new partner, but the fact that she is dating other people means her romance with Bishop probably didn’t work out.

Correction: June 7, 2024 — An earlier version of this story mischaracterized Micah Lussier’s appearances on “Love is Blind.” She was a contestant in one season, not two.

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