‘Bachelorette’s Devin Strader: Meet the Possible Frontrunner For Jenn’s Heart

‘Bachelorette’s Devin Strader: Meet the Possible Frontrunner For Jenn’s Heart

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In the Season 21 premiere, Bachelorette Jenn Tran will meet her 25 suitors, including Devin Strader.

And already, fans are taking bets on him to win her heart!

Proceed with caution – what we share from here is not exactly spoilers, but rather receipts/proof/timeline/screenshots that suggest Devin will make it quite far in the competition.

Still, if you like to watch without much influence, you should hit the brakes right here. But with that said, let’s meet Devin!

(Disney/Richard Middlesworth)

Who Is Devin Strader On ‘The Bachelorette’?

In his bio for the show, Devin refers to himself as “the full package: and “so ready to meet his match.”

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A business owner that is “100% husband material”, Devin, 28, owns a freight company acled F1 Freight Consultants.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he started his own company out of Houston, Texas in 2023. “As a dedicated consultant firm, F1 strives to deliver the most cost-effective solutions and tackle transportation and logistics challenges throughout North America,” Devin wrote.

Jenn Tran for ABC
Jenn Tran will be the first-ever Bachelorette of Asian American descent. (DISNEY/JOHN FLEENOR)

Why Fans Think He’s a Front Runner

After being announced as the. new Bachelorette during the After the Final Rose special back in March, Jenn made a playful comment about looking for a man with a “really big… personality.”

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As it turns out, in his bio, Devin referred to himself as someone with a “big personality”. Coincidence? Perhaps … but let’s consider some more evidence!

In Devin’s first post after filming The Bachelorette, he includes lyrics from J-hope and J. Cole’s song “on the street.” 

Could we be reading into something here? Sure – but, saying that you’re someone who “fought tooth and a nail / just to prevail amongst the ruthless,” sounds like a not so humble brag that you came out on top of Season 21 of The Bachelorette.

Could it also refer to the additional photos he posted of him running a marathon? Absolutely.

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But what fun is that? Sleuth with us a bit, people!

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