Best laptop deals and sales in September 2023: Save on MacBooks, HP, Dell, and more

Best laptop deals and sales in September 2023: Save on MacBooks, HP, Dell, and more

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There’s plenty to consider among the best laptop deals this week. You can save hundreds on laptops, whether you need a suitable starter kit for school or a powerhouse that can handle any task imaginable.

For instance, Amazon has a perfectly capable Acer laptop that can handle basic browsing and app needs for just $299. On the other send of the price and performance spectrum, Best Buy lets you save 40% on a massively powerful Gigabyte Aero laptop

We’re always updating this guide with our latest finds for unbeatable laptop deals. Our guide covers multiple price points and usage needs for various buyers, whether you need something to chew through schoolwork, a video editing MacBook, or a gaming machine. We compare prices across retailers to ensure we’re presenting the best laptop deals.

Best laptop deals of the week

Whether you need a simple Chromebook for browsing or a more substantial Windows laptop for work or school, here are all the best laptop deals you can shop this week.

Best MacBook deals

MacBook sales come and go like the wind, so catch a wave on these discounts (up to 25% off) while they’re still available.

Best gaming laptop deals

You’ll pay quite a bit more for gaming laptops compared to business- and student-oriented models, but these deals can get you some serious horsepower for relatively affordable prices.

Want to see more laptop sales?

If you haven’t found something for your needs above, peruse the laptop sales highlighted at the retailers below to see if something else catches your eye. Most have everything from budget laptops around $200 or less, plenty of mid-range picks, and even discounts on more powerful machines specializing in gaming, graphic design, or media editing.

We will also regularly update the laptop selection above with fresh deals over time, so feel free to bookmark us and check back in soon.

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