Biden says he’d be okay losing to Trump, ‘as long as I gave it my all’

Biden says he’d be okay losing to Trump, ‘as long as I gave it my all’

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump
Joe Biden (left) and Donald Trump (right).

  • President Joe Biden indicated he would be fine losing to Trump as long as he put up a good fight.
  • The 81-year-old president made the comments during his first post-debate interview on Friday.
  • Biden continues to present a defiant front even as concerns about his candidacy mount.

President Joe Biden suggested he would be OK losing to former President Donald Trump in November “as long as I gave it my all” — undercutting the heart of his 2024 presidential platform as concerns about his candidacy continue to grow.

On Friday, the 81-year-old Biden sat for his first interview since his disastrous debate performance last week, speaking with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos and attempting to assuage doubts about his fitness for office, including increasing anxiety from within his own party.

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Biden has long positioned himself as the best bet to protect American democracy from another four years of Trump. In interviews and stump speeches, Biden paints a picture of chaos and collapse should Trump take the White House again. Biden’s campaign has explicitly accused Trump of being in the race only for himself, meanwhile framing Biden as being a candidate for the people.

But near the end of his Friday interview, Biden gave an answer that seemed to contradict his greater-good narrative.

“If you stay in and Trump is elected and everything you’re warning about comes to pass, how will you feel in January?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“I’ll feel as long as I gave it my all, and I did as good a job as I know I can do, that’s what this is about,” Biden responded.

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The response appeared as definitive an insight as any into Biden’s stubborn mindset amid mounting calls for him to drop out of the race.

Four House Democrats and a growing number of liberal donors have publicly called for Biden’s replacement. While some reports have suggested Biden is privately weighing whether he can save his reelection bid, he has been firm in his public promise to stay in the race.

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Denial proved a prevailing theme throughout Biden’s interview with ABC. He chalked up his debate performance to “a bad night,” repeatedly dodged questions about his age and cognitive abilities, and disputed poll numbers that show him points behind Trump.

When asked what it would take for him to drop out of the race, Biden attempted to duck the question with a joke, telling Stephanopoulos that he would only step down if “the Lord Almighty” himself came down and told him he couldn’t win.

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