Bizarre ‘Benny Hill’ vid shows Brit sunbed warriors RACE to Marmaris pool – but some tourists are taking brutal revenge

Bizarre ‘Benny Hill’ vid shows Brit sunbed warriors RACE to Marmaris pool – but some tourists are taking brutal revenge

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EMBARRASSING footage shows Brits racing to put their towels down in yet another sunbed war – but some fed up holidaymakers have opted to take revenge.

Prime Beach Hotel in Turkey appears to be the new victim of the sunbed races, a viral video shows.

Zombie-like tourists can be seen racing for a poolside spot
Holidaymakers can’t seem to relax as the footage is caught at 7:55AM

Less than 15 minutes later practically every bed is taken[/caption]

Fascinating footage of desperate holidaymakers shows the sunbed lunacy going overboard once again.

But a confession in the comments puts faith back into holidaymakers abroad.

The timestamped footage shows a crowd of tourists pathetically speed walking to the sunbeds from different directions at 7:55AM, swarming the pool.

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Tourists by themselves can be even be seen shuffling around multiple beds and umbrellas while laying towels down to mark their territory.

Not even 15 minutes later, the filmer pans their camera to around the pool where towels have been littered on nearly every single bed.

Any late-comers would have no option but to sunbathe on the hard ground.

In the 30-second video shared on TikTok, users took to the comments to express their distaste for sunbed-hoggers.

One read: “Saddoes I’ve never done this and never will”

Another said: “Get the same in Majorca, Tenerife”

And a sarcastic: “Enjoy your holiday!”

But one comment made a heroic confession in an attempt to stop the sunbed-hogging madness.

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The user said: “My friends son got up early and threw all the towels in the pool!”

Another user also said what they do to take a stand against the sunbed war – suggesting they’d rather face the wrath of an angry tourist than be sat on the ground:

They said: “I go and move the towels away lol. And let the drama take its path. Love it.”

This viral video isn’t the first of its kind, with Brits being called out for selfishly nabbing sunbeds worldwide on their holidays.

British tourists in popular destinations such as Spain and Turkey are going to extreme measures to bag the best loungers – including queuing from 5.30am to wait for pool areas to open.

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Recently sunbed ‘civil wars’ have broken out across Europe, with sunstarved Brits battling each other – and locals – for the best spots by pools and beaches.

Meanwhile videos of sunbed hoggers have gone viral on TikTok with reservists branded “selfish”. 

In one video a brave hotel worker declared he was doing “God’s work” by removing beach towels slung over loungers. 

The pool gets swarmed by tourists desperate to bag a bed

Every bed is littered with a towel[/caption]

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