<div>‘Black nor’easter’ could turn day to night as heavy rain looms</div>

‘Black nor’easter’ could turn day to night as heavy rain looms

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Brace yourselves, landlubbers – Australia’s east coast could be set for a weather phenomenon with a name straight out of a pirate movie.

The coast is in for a soaking in the coming days, with heavy rains forecast for Queensland and New South Wales.

Two weather systems are bringing the deluge, prompting flood warnings across several regions.

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In southern Queensland and northern NSW, a low pressure system is expected to start producing storms and rain today into tomorrow.

This will be joined by a coastal trough that will funnel moisture from the tropics down along the coastlines of both states.

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It could also lead to something magnificently dubbed a “black nor-easter”.

“When a cut-off low and coastal trough interact at the same time, it is often a recipe for heavy rainfall and flooding along the east coast,” Weatherzone said.

“The cold upper air cools down the warmer, saturated air, forcing large amounts of moisture to fall as rain.”

This can lead to the aformentioned “black nor-easter”, so named because of the dark clouds that can turn the skies black during the day.

The term was first written down in a 1911 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Flood warnings in place

In New South Wales, warnings are in place around Sydney, the Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Tempe, and Camden.

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In the regions, warnings are also in place for the Mid North Coast, Wollombi Brook, the South Coast and parts of the state’s north-west.

However, a thunderstorm warning for the north of the state has been cancelled.

Flood warnings are also in place on multiple Queensland rivers, including the Diamantina, Leichhardt, Flinders, and Norman.

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A powerful low-pressure system is moving towards both states, which will combine with the effects of a trough making its way down the coast.

Residents in affected areas are urged to put together their essential supplies, including important documents and medicines, in case they have to leave.

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Some models suggest as much as 150mm could fall in just six hours, with severe thunderstorms also possible.

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