Boy, 10, killed by monkey that ‘ripped out his intestines’ as large gang of beasts runs riot attacking humans

Boy, 10, killed by monkey that ‘ripped out his intestines’ as large gang of beasts runs riot attacking humans

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A 10-YEAR-OLD boy has been brutally killed by a monkey after it ripped into his stomach and tore out his intestines.

This is the latest attack in an Indian village plagued by a gang of marsupials as they continue to run riot and attack humans.

A monkey attacked a 10-year-old boy before ripping out his intestines and leaving him for dead
The murder was the third to occur in Salki in a week as a group of horror apes terrorise the Indian village

Dipak Thakor was reportedly playing with his friends in his small village of Salki in Gandhinager, Gujarat, India when he was terrorised by a notorious gang of apes.

The brutal attack started with the ferocious beasts jumping onto Dipak before they resorted to puncturing the boys skin and digging their claws inside of him as they tore out his intestines.

The youngster was quickly taken to a local hospital but tragically died before doctors could even begin to help him.

An official said in a statement: “His intestine was ripped out in the attack. He rushed (back) to his house and was taken to a hospital where doctors declared him dead on arrival.

“This is the third attack by monkeys in the village within a week.”

Forest official for Salki, Vishal Chaudhary reassured the villagers that he and his team were desperately hunting down the killer predators and had been trying to catch the “large troop” for a while.

He said: “We have rescued two langurs in the past one week, and set up cages to trap another langur.

“There is a large troop of monkeys in the village, including four adults who have been involved in attacks in the past one week. Two of them have been rescued. Efforts are on to cage another.”

Indian has a worrying history with dangerous marsupials but luckily the “world’s most wanted monkey” was finally “arrested” after attacking 20 people in a two-week reign of terror.

The monkey had a £200 bounty on its head before it was caught in India in June.

Earlier this year, a helpless three-year-old was abducted by a monkey before the furry beast carried her up a cliff.

The terrified toddler was snatched by the criminal primate when her parents were busy working in a nearby field in Liupanshui, southwest China.

The tot’s father Liu said: “It was just a minute, and when I turned around, the child was gone. We were all very anxious.

“The child’s mother started crying immediately, and I comforted her while contacting the police.”

Another petrified parent was Riley Whitelum who was forced to whack an angry monkey after it tried to swipe at his one-year-old son.

The brave father ended up with a nasty bite and needed to have 20 days worth of injections to prevent a horror case of rabies.

Officials say they are actively hunting for the monkeys and have already found a few of the killer beasts

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