BREAKING: NLC, TUC issues notice of nationwide strike

BREAKING: NLC, TUC issues notice of nationwide strike

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The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, and the Trade Union Congress, TUC, have given the Federal Government notice of a nationwide strike, effective in 14 days.

Their complaint stems from the failure of the government to implement the 16-point agreement between organized labor (NLC and TUC) and the Federal Government on October 2, 2023.

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The leaders of the NLC and TUC have expressed concern that, despite the diligent efforts of organized labor to promote harmony in the workplace, the government appears unaffected by the widespread suffering and hardship in the country.

NLC and TUC, in a statement, lamented that “it is regrettable that we are compelled to resort to such measures, but the persistent neglect of the welfare of citizens and Nigerian workers and the massive hardship leave us with no choice”.

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“Constrained by this development and recognising the urgency of the situation and the imperative of ensuring the protection and defence of the rights and dignity of Nigerian workers and citizens, the NLC and TUC hereby issue a stern ultimatum to the Federal Government to honour their part of the understanding within 14 days from tomorrow, the 9th day of February 2024,” the statement added.

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BREAKING: NLC, TUC issues notice of nationwide strike

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