Can you spot the ten hidden faces in this optical illusion in under 30 seconds – only people with a high IQ can

Can you spot the ten hidden faces in this optical illusion in under 30 seconds – only people with a...

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CAN you spot all ten hidden faces in this optical illusion? Only people with a high IQ are able to.

Get ready for a challenge and try finding all of them in less than 30 seconds.


Can you spot the 10 hidden faces in this optical illusion?[/caption]

The picture is an illustration published in The Duluth Herald in 1914, the Times of India reports.

The key to solving this brainteaser is to pay attention to even the smallest of details.

What might not be immediately obvious at first could surprise you the more you look at it.

Try carefully examining each element of the overall picture.

The time limit can add pressure, but try remain calm and focused as you go.

Could you find the 10 faces? Keep going if not!

If you’re still struggling, don’t worry as there will be a solution at the bottom.

This is a classic example of an optical illusion, and is a great way to test your brainpower and improve your IQ skills.

Experts at FreshersLive named several benefits of solving brainteasers like this one.

These include mental stimulation, improved memory, enhanced problem-solving skills, reduced stress, improved mood, and increased productivity.

Overall, brain teasers are a great way to keep your mind sharp and engaged, and they can provide a variety of mental and emotional benefits.

Want to give a go at another challenge? This viral optical illusion left people scratching their heads trying to see through the incredible brainteaser.

If you can see the two hidden faces in under 10 seconds you have ultimate 20/20 vision and God-like eyesight.

The mind-boggling artwork has a man smoking a pipe sitting with a lady who’s watching him almost in shock.

The only super shocking thing about the picture however is the fact that there are two more people lurking in the image, completely camouflaged.

A person with brilliant vision should be able to quickly find the hidden faces, both of which are cheekily blended in within the two people in the photo.

Grab your own partner and try to see if you can solve the optical illusion using your clever problem-solving brain.

The art features a man and a woman sitting on comfy chairs outside, as one is smoking a tobacco pipe with a pair of shades on.

In the background a whole row of trees can be seen and some other fancy decorations like a giant vase and some pretty flowers.

The colour of the picture is what really throws you off though as its tinged in a mellow green with black outlines.

The faces you can’t see at first are also green with black marks so they expertly blend in.

This extremely clever trick is designed to slow you down and distract you.


Here are the 10 faces – did you manage to find them all?[/caption]

Can you spot the two hidden faces in this image?
The two faces circled in red were sitting right next to the pair of people

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