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Over half of workers told to come in the office are currently or plan to look for a new job...

Over half of employees who have been told by employers to work in the office are currently or planning on looking for a new job this year, per a report released Monday.  “Eighteen percent of workers forced to [return to the office] say they are currently looking for a new job” and “36% plan to look this year,” found in a February survey conducted…

Army vet says prepper food company booming as more Americans plan for disaster in 2024

While doomsday “prepping” may once have been considered extreme, concerns about the food supply and looming disasters have left millions of Americans stockpiling for emergency situations. “[M]ost people are concerned, not just about the larger conflicts, but I think that they are concerned about the price of current goods and they see the availability of things, shrinkflation if you will,” Prepper All Naturals founder Jason…

In-N-Out closing in Oakland due to crime issues part of ‘degradation of Bay Area,’ local candidates say

Local leaders and civil rights activists are blaming Oakland’s crime policies for popular West Coast fast-food chain In-N-Out pulling out of the Bay Area city. In-N-Out announced last week it would be closing its Oakland location in March, due to rampant violent crime and theft. It is the first time in the chain’s 75-year history that it’s been forced to close one of its restaurants….

Nearly half of young adults say they are ‘obsessed’ with being rich, and financial consequences may ensue

Young adults are more likely to admit they are “obsessed” with chasing after the high life, according to a new survey by Credit Karma and Intuit. The survey conducted by Qualtrics on behalf of Intuit Credit Karma in December 2023, found 44% of Generation Z and 46% of Millennials say they are “obsessed with the idea of being rich,” compared to 27% of all Americans….