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Memphis police officer killed during shootout with teens, one of whom was recently released

A Memphis, Tennessee, police officer and an 18-year-old male suspect were killed during an early morning shootout Friday – with the deceased suspect having been arrested last month with an illegal weapon and subsequently let go without bond, law enforcement officials say. A second officer was also struck and is in non-critical condition while a third officer was grazed by a bullet during the gunfire….

Longtime Ohio GOP campaign treasurer charged with defrauding clients of nearly $1 million

A man who has served as treasurer for dozens of political campaigns in Ohio over the past 40 years is facing federal wire fraud charges for allegedly stealing nearly $1 million from clients. William Curlis, 76, is accused of writing checks from campaign accounts to himself for personal use and taking steps to hide the thefts. He allegedly stole $995,231 between 2008 and June 2023,…

LA County Sheriff’s Department’s organized retail theft crime task force conducts major fencing bust

Fox News embedded with the LA County Sheriff Department’s Organized Retail Theft Crime Task Force during a major fencing bust in what appeared to be a shopping center in a crime-ridden area near downtown Los Angeles.  The location was actually a hidden storefront for a retail crime ring. Dozens of LA County Sheriff’s deputies swarmed the area, detaining several people including a man they believe…