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For Gen Z, a job is just a job: ‘I’ve come to terms with what adulthood is actually like’

Gen Z workers just want two things out of a job: a good salary and a quick promotion. Abanti Chowdhury/ BI At 25, Kimi Kaneshina isn’t where she thought she would be in her career. After a year working as a product manager in Southern California, she was laid off in June. The job was great, but the experience of getting axed shifted her priorities….

What I got wrong about loyalty at work

Kiersten Essenpreis for BI In January, I published a story on how loyalty died in the American workplace. The response to the story was huge: I received more emails and LinkedIn messages about it than I had for any other piece I’ve written in my 14 years as a journalist. And what struck me most were the readers who wanted to tell me that I…