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Nelson Peltz’s Disney proxy fight may hinge on the same investors who doomed his DuPont battle nearly a decade ago

Activist investor, Nelson Peltz. Reuters Three major Disney investors have a history with Nelson Peltz’s proxy fights. BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street voted against Peltz’s firm Trian Partners in a 2015 proxy battle. But in a 2017 fight with P&G, BlackRock and State Street supported Peltz.  The fate of Nelson Peltz’s proxy fight with Disney partially relies on three investors — the same investors who…

Pension Fund CalPERS Votes for Nelson Peltz and Jay Rasulo in Disney Board Battle: Report

CalPERS, the influential California pension fund, has voted to shake up the Disney board by backing the election of activist investors Nelson Peltz and Jay Rasulo who have waged a months-long battle with CEO Bob Iger and the incumbent board of directors. The California Public Employees Retirement System told Reuters that the fund had cast […] Go to Source

Disney and CEO Iger Get Backing of Proxy-Advisory Firm Glass Lewis in Battle Over Board

Disney’s current strategic direction under CEO Bob Iger got the thumbs-up from independent proxy voting and corporate governance advisory firm Glass Lewis, amid a campaign launched by two activist investor groups to win seats on the Mouse House’s board. Glass Lewis, in a March 18 report, recommended Disney shareholders vote for the Disney-selected 12 director […] Go to Source

Trian’s Disney Shares Have Gained $500 Million in Value So Far This Month. Why Is Activist Investor Nelson Peltz Still...

Nelson Peltz, the activist investor who runs hedge fund Trian Partners, believes urgent change is needed at Disney. He’s waging a proxy-fight battle to install himself and ex-Disney CFO Jay Rasulo as directors, a vote that will go up at Disney’s 2024 annual shareholders meeting April 3. What does Trian want? “Fundamentally and crudely, we […] Go to Source