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Meet NATO’s next chief, the ‘Trump whisperer’ and fierce critic of Vladimir Putin

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Donald Trump. Chip Somodevilla/ Getty Images Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been selected as NATO’s next Secretary-General. Rutte will replace Jens Stoltenberg, who has led NATO since 2014. Nicknamed the “Trump whisperer,” Rutte could have an important role should Trump return to the White House. NATO has selected outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte as its next Secretary-General. Rutte,…

US officials say North Korea may be planning military action to create chaos ahead of US election, report says

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin. VLADIMIR SMIRNOV/ Getty Images US officials fear North Korean military action ahead of the US election, NBC News reported. Senior officials told the outlet that such a move could be encouraged by Vladimir Putin. North Korea and Russia have formed close military ties in recent years. US officials are preparing for potential North…

‘Patriots’ Review: Peter Morgan’s Disappointing Power Play About Putin’s Rise in Post-Soviet Russia is a ‘Nyet’

In Peter Morgan’s tantalizing but disappointing new play “Patriots,” Boris Berezovsky is presented as a larger-than-life oligarch in a post-Soviet Russia who transforms Vladimir Putin from a middling “nobody” to an autocrat who will transform his country in ways unforeseen at home or globally. There’s an expectation that in Morgan’s latest merging of historic fact […] Go to Source

Russia’s firing new, long-range Kh-69 cruise missiles, war experts say, piling on the misery for Ukraine’s dwindling air defense

Russia Kh-69 cruise missile pictured at the 2023 Dubai Airshow Giuseppe Cacace / AFP via Getty Images Russian forces have deployed a new cruise missile, the Institute for the Study of War said. The Kh-69 was used in an attack on a major power station near Kyiv this week. The Kh-69 is a leap forward in Russian tactical munitions. Russian Forces are deploying a new,…

Zelenskyy says Ukraine will lose the war without help from the US

Low munitions put Ukraine in a desperate position as aid from allies stalls. Zelenskyy says the country is at risk of losing the war. Read the original article on Business Insider Go to Source