Chaos as shoppers clear shelves and fill BAGS with food amid fake rumours YouTuber MrBeast was set to pay for EVERYTHING

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CHAOTIC scenes have erupted at a supermarket amid fake rumours that popular YouTuber Mr Beast will pay for everyone’s shopping.

Dramatic footage shows shoppers frantically filling rubbish bags with food after rumours spread that the Youtuber would appear at Piggly Wiggly in North Carolina.

Shoppers were filmed filling bags with food
Customers filled their carts to the brim
An employee told shoppers the YouTuber was not going to appear

Mr Beast is known for giving away money to his viewers[/caption]

The clip shared on TikTok, shows some filling their carts to the brim while others chucking groceries into massive bags.

Mr Beast is a Youtuber, known for giving away large sums of money to his viewers.

The 24-year-old whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson – is known as “Youtube’s biggest philanthropist.”

And while customers are standing in a queue, an employee of the store shares some disappointing news that Mr Beast is not going to show up.



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The employee can be heard saying: “Mr Beast is not coming today due to security issues.”

While it remains unclear why the YouTuber’s visit to the store was cancelled, another Youtuber shared a text allegedly from Mr Beast explaining what happened.

The message said that MrBeast wanted to “discreetly pay for some people’s groceries” but the word spread that he was coming to “buy out the store.”

The situation then escalated which prompted the YouTuber to cancel the visit.

Tiktokers slammed the shoppers for being greedy and most took Mr Beast’s side.

One said: “He didn’t invite those people. A cashier leaked he was going to be buying people’s groceries and they all just showed.”

Another one said: “The greed was real & I’m happy he didn’t show up”

Someone wrote: “Mr beast wasn’t wrong for not showing up they are taking advantage of him he helps people but when everyone shows up and starts packing their carts.”

Another one said: “That’s crazy. Mr. Beast should just stick with food drives cause these type of events makes people grab things they don’t need.”

MrBeast has given away millions of dollars to various viewers since going viral in 2017.

In multiple videos across his channel, MrBeast explains that the money he gives away helps him to continue his career and generate more views on his content.

With each donation, he gets millions of views. These views become a return investment for him, which he is then able to profit off of.

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