Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer Show Off Palatial Home as Criticism For Their HGTV Show …

Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer Show Off Palatial Home as Criticism For Their HGTV Show …

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The year’s not even half over and Chelsea Houska has already experienced enough ups and downs to fuel a dozen reality shows!

As you’re probably aware, 2023 got off to a rousing start for Chelsea and husband Cole DeBoer, who launched their HGTV series Down Home Fab in January.

At first, the show seemed to be an unmitigated success story, and it was promptly renewed for a second season.

Unfortunately, in the months since, Chelsea and Cole have experienced one setback after another.

Chelsea and Cole on the set of their new HGTV show. (Photo via Instagram)

First, they were sued by a PR company who claimed that the DeBoers had withheld earnings in order to avoid paying a commission.

Shortly thereafter, word got out that after a promising start, ratings for Down Home Fab had declined precipitously.

And the fan reaction to the show hasn’t been terribly encouraging, with many viewers on Reddit attacking Chelsea and Cole for their alleged lack of experience with home renovations.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer recently bought some new property. (Photo via Instagram)

“The couple wanted farmhouse and she gave them mid century. It’s very obvious how unseasoned she is,” one commenter remarked.

“Watched two episodes and had enough. Too much black and trying too hard to come up with what she thinks is a ‘style’ (like Ranch glam),” another added.

“She ruined that fireplace with the whitewash and the room was too dark with all that dark green,” a third chimed in, adding:

Chelsea and Cole are the newest stars of the HGTV network! (Photo via Instagram)

“The designs look so cheap for how big the budgets are! I felt like the houses looked better before her designs.”

Even HGTV execs, in their praise for the show, have focused more on Chelsea and Cole’s onscreen chemistry than on the couple’s renovation and decoration skills.

HGTV Head of Content, Loren Ruch, recently praised the couple’s “undeniable on-screen chemistry and enthusiasm for renovation,” but had little to say about their professional qualifications as home renovators.

Chelsea’s signature style has always been popular with fans. (Photo via Instagram)

Possibly in response to all the criticism they’ve been receiving, Chelsea and Cole took to Instagram this week to prove to fans that they’re serious about living that farmhouse life.

The couple rocked all denim as they took their followers on a tour of their own fab farmhouse.

Chelsea and Cole have been through a lot in the past year. But they’re still smiling! (Photo via Instagram)

The DeBoers even showed off their livestock!

Yes, it seems these two are really all about that rural South Dakota life!

And that’s one thing fans love about them.

Look, at the end of the day Chelsea and Cole rose very far very fast, and people in that situation will always attract a handful of haters.

Chelsea is really living that farmhouse life. She’s even got livestock roaming the property. (Photo via Instagram)

But these two definitely have more supporters than detractors.

And most importantly, of course, they have each other.

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