Chilli Clarifies Boyfriend Matthew Lawrence’s Comment About Them ‘Trying’ To Have Kids: ‘That’s Not What’s Happening’

Chilli Clarifies Boyfriend Matthew Lawrence’s Comment About Them ‘Trying’ To Have Kids: ‘That’s Not What’s Happening’

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Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas is clarifying her boyfriend Matthew Lawrence’s previous statement about the couple actively trying to have kids together. The 52-year-old TLC singer sat down for a recent radio interview and set the record straight.

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Chilli Says Matthew Lawrence’s Comment About Them ‘Trying’ To Have Kids Was Edited

According to Page Six, Chilli appeared on the “Ryan Cameron Uncensored” radio show on Friday, March 17. During the appearance, the 52-year-old clarified comments made by Matthew Lawrence during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

During Lawrence’s interview, he seemed to explain that he and Chilli were actively trying to have children together, as previously reported by The Shade Room.

“That’s the game plan. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

However, Chilli explained that Lawrence’s comments were incorrectly portrayed and he was actually referring to his older brother Joey’s plans.

“They didn’t show that part but when you go on there and you see the whole interview, then you see he was not talking about us working on having a baby… because that’s not what’s happening.”

Chilli is already a mother to one son, 25-year-old Tron Austin. However, her boyfriend Matthew Lawrence does not have any children of his own.

Chilli Says She Plans To Be Married Before Having A Child With Matthew Lawrence

Despite the confusion, the singer explained that she is not quite done with having children.

“I would never say that [I’m done with families].”

But added that she needs to be married first.

“I gotta be married for sure… and I’m not married, yet.”

Matthew Lawrence Also Clarified His Statement

Lawrence also took the time to clarify his statements during a follow-up interview with E!. He explained that his brother Joey is currently expanding his family, and it would be “great” if they had the chance to “raise a family together.’”

“Joe and I were commiserating about this plan that we had to have children together… when we were growing up. And I missed the first go around and now he’s starting a new family and I was thinking, ‘Man, it’d be great if we could do it again when I didn’t have the chance to raise a family together.’”

Additionally, the actor explained that his intention was never to put any “pressure” on his girlfriend Chilli.

“So that’s what I meant by that. I didn’t mean to put any pressure on somebody I was dating or anything.”

Lawrence went on to confirm Chilli’s most recent sentiments, explaining that the couple’s plans to have children are “way in the future.”

“She’s an amazing person. She’s already a mother, she has an incredible son. I respect so much as to how she’s raised him. She’d be an incredible mother again and I’d be incredibly lucky but that’s way in the future.”

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