Chilling first vid of Putin’s new kamikaze drone bot The Scorpion weaving through no-man’s land before blowing up trench

Chilling first vid of Putin’s new kamikaze drone bot The Scorpion weaving through no-man’s land before blowing up trench

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CHILLING footage of Vladimir Putin’s terrifying new kamikaze drone robot dubbed The Scorpion-M has emerged.

The deadly weapon can be seen navigating its its way through no-man’s land with ease before launching its attack and obliterating a trench.

Russia’s newest war weapon was seen blowing up a trench

The Scorpion-M is a combat robot[/caption]

Smoke filled the air after the explosion
In video footage The Scorpion was seen easily picking its way through the difficult terrain of no-man’s land

Russia has demonstrated how the remotely controlled gadget can be used to inflict terror on Ukrainian positions on the battlefield.

The Scorpion-M combat robot was highlighted exploding over an underground enemy stronghold in Donetsk region.

It can carry up to 25kg of explosives and seemed to make light-work of the difficult and bumpy terrain.

The Scorpian-M travels at speed towards its target before a huge explosion rips through the ground and the area is filled with thick grey smoke.

Footage purportedly shows it deployed by the Russian Hawks detachment with military personnel from the 110th Separate Guards Motorised Rifle Brigade.

The robot explodes over an underground hideout of the Ukrainian forces, according to reports.

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One pro-war account said: “The successful use of the Scorpion-M demonstrated the high reliability and manoeuvrability of the robotic vehicle, as well as its combat effectiveness in carrying out missions to destroy enemy strongholds and fire weapons.”

The current war has seen major innovations in use of land and sea drones, as well as robot technology.

Another version of the robot is used for mine clearance.

It comes as Ukraine’s generals warned they have run out of reserves to halt Russia’s shock assault on Kharkiv.

Vladimir Putin masses more than half a million troops on the frontline in a bid to overpower Ukraine‘s forces.

Ukraine’s military has admitted it is struggling to contain the advance in the north east of the country.

General Kyrylo Budanov, boss of Kyiv’s military intelligence said: “I’ve used everything we have.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone else in the reserves.”

Putin’s troops have seized miles of ground in their fastest advances in months.

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The blitz, said to be the first stage of Russia’s summer offensive, is designed to stretch Ukraine’s already outnumbered troops.

Kyiv said the Russian advance appeared to have run out of steam last night — but, in the face of Putin’s 500,000-strong force, warned that could change quickly.

Royal United Services Institute war expert Dr Jack Watling said unless Ukraine could muster more troops its prospects were bleak as Russia had “significant numerical superiority”.

On May 14 dramatic footage thought to be the fire firefights of Putins Kharkiv offensive was released.

Ukrainian fighters clashed with Putin’s army in a shootout on the first day of the push.

Kyiv is vehemently beating back the enemy as Russian troops close in on Kharkiv after launching a surprise new assault on Friday.

The footage shows Ukrainian soldiers engaged in combat after getting ambushed by Russian forces.

The stunned Ukrainians can be heard screaming “It’s the Russians” as they opened fire on enemy troops.

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Putin’s soldiers can be heard ordering Kyiv’s army to surrender but the brave soldiers were seen reloading their guns and firing back instead.

At one moment, Ukrainian troops say: “There’s a lot of them”, as they realise they’re outnumbered but continue to push through.

Video footage captured the kamikaze drone in action for the first time

The robot is able to navigate difficult terrain and can carry 25kgs of explosives[/caption]

The robot was reportedly deployed by the Russian Hawks detachment with military personnel from the 110th Separate Guards Motorised Rifle Brigade

Scorpion drone capabilities

A new kamikaze drone robot – dubbed The Scorpion-M – is Putin’s newest weapon.

Although little is known about it a video of the terrifying new gadget has been released.

The clip shows it speeding through no-man’s land before blowing up a trench.

Here’s what we know about The Scorpion:

  • Ground-based
  • Can navigate difficult terrain
  • Can carry up to 25kg of explosives
  •  High reliability and manoeuvrability

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