Citi CD rates are better than what many brick-and-mortar banks pay, but minimum deposits vary by state

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CD rates

Citi doesn’t pay higher rates on higher balances. The minimum deposit for a Citi Fixed Rate Certificates of Deposit is Citi Fixed Rate Certificates of Deposit.

Citibank Fixed Rate CDs rates

3 months0.05% APY
4 months0.05% APY
5 months0.05% APY
6 months1.10% APY
7 months0.05% APY
8 months0.05% APY
9 months1.10% APY
10 months0.05% APY
11 months0.05% APY
1 year3.75% APY
13 months0.10% APY
14 months0.10% APY
15 months0.10% APY
18 months3.75% APY
2 years2.00% APY
30 months0.10% APY
3 years2.00% APY
4 years2.00% APY
5 years2.00% APY

Citi Step Up CD rates

Citi offers one term length for its Step Up CD: 30 months. This CD pays 0.10% APY.

Citi No Penalty CD rates

Citi offers one term length for its No Penalty CD: 1 year. This CD pays Citi No Penalty CD.

Citi has three types of CDs, each with a different purpose:

  • Citibank Fixed Rate CDs: Terms range from three months to five years. When you open a CD, the rate is locked in until the CD matures.
  • Citi Step Up CD: This 30-month CD increases your rate every 10 months. Currently, the Step Up CD rate is higher than the Fixed Rate CD rate for a 30-month term, plus your rate will increase over time. However, if you want a CD with a term length other than 30 months, you’ll need to choose another type of CD.
  • Citi No Penalty CD: Fixed Rate CDs and Step Up CDs charge a fee if you withdraw funds before your term ends. With a 1-year No Penalty CD, you can withdraw early without being penalized. Keep in mind, though, that your only option is a 1-year term, and the rate is slightly lower than the 1-year rate with a Fixed Rate CD.


How Citi compares to competitors

We’ve compared Citi CD rates with rates at two banks with branches in many of the same states: Bank of America and Capital One.

Citi CD rates vs. Bank of America CD rates

You can earn a higher rate with Citi than with Bank of America.

Bank of America’s highest APY is 2.00% APY Annual Percentage Yield (APY), and that’s only for the Bank of America Featured CD, which requires a $10,000 deposit and offers terms between seven and 37 months. Citi pays more than 2.00% APY. for a 1-year or 18-month CD.

Citi CD rates vs. Capital One CD rates

Capital One 360 pays significantly higher rates than Citi overall. Capital One is technically considered an online bank, but it has over 470 branches in eight states and Washington DC, so you can have a hybrid in-person/online banking experience.

As an added bonus, Capital One doesn’t have a minimum deposit for CDs, so you don’t need a lot of money to start saving.

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