<div>Creepy ‘Cuckoo’ trailer teases a teenage girl being stalked in a mountain retreat</div>

Creepy ‘Cuckoo’ trailer teases a teenage girl being stalked in a mountain retreat

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A woman stands in a hotel reception looking afraid.

A Shining-style mountain setting is the spooky backdrop for Cuckoo, Tilman Singer’s horror about a family relocating to the remote German Alps.

The trailer follows despondent teenager Gretchen (Hunter Schafer), who takes a job working reception at a nearby lodge — only to one day be chased home on her bike by a very creepy figure with glowing eyes.

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“Whatever the film’s more overt horrors, whether its chilling atmosphere or its attempts at amusing moral and visceral obscenities, they’re all bound by Schafer’s increasing physical and emotional despondency,” wrote Mashable’s Kristy Puchko in her review. “She doesn’t just save the movie. She is the movie, making it all the more remarkable to watch.” Dan Stevens and Jessica Henwick and Gemma Chan also star.

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How to watch: Cuckoo is in theatres from May 3.

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