David Eason: You People are Sick! I Did Not Assault My Stepson!

David Eason: You People are Sick! I Did Not Assault My Stepson!

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David Eason would like to tell his side of the story.

Earlier this week, the former reality star’s stepson, Jace, went missing — for the third time in just over a month.

According to various sources, Jenelle Evans called 911 after noticing that the 14-year old had snuck out of a window in the family’s North Carolina home.

From what we can gather, Jace was eventually tracked down inside of a house nearby and then sent to a local hospital for a mental evaluation.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have cute kids. But their marriage doesn’t seem utopian. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In a very disturbing update, we then learned that Jace accused Eason of assault, stating that he ran away due to a physical altercation with Jenelle’s husband.

The teenager’s grandmother, Barbara, claimed her grandson made this allegation during a phone call after he went missing.

The Sun, meanwhile, reported on Tuesday that Jace has marks on his neck and on his arms in the wake of Eason’s supposed attack.

And now TMZ writes that Child Protective Services is looking into Eason and Evans for neglecting their children… with the investigation expected to be ratcheted up several notches if Jace’s assault allegations prove to be true.

Pray for these kids. They live under the same roof as Jenelle Evans and David Eason. (Instagram)

Eason, however, has angrily denied the accusation.

Via Facebook last night, Eason said Barbara Evans — who raised Jace and only gave up custody of the teen to his mother this past March — is a “danger to [Jace’s] health and safety.”

“It takes a sick person to spread lies on the Internet about a child!” he added.

“Then the rest of you are sick for chiming in like you know something because you read their lies. You people need help!”


Eason does have a reputation for violence.

In 2019, he admitted to shooting and killing his family’s dog, an action that prompted CPS to remove his and Jenelle’s kids from the home for about a month.

In this latest case, Eason ranted on as follows:

Police reports have been falsified and the truth is already apparent to everyone involved. Barbara is NOT involved and she is NOT allowed to speak to him right now.

The best thing any of you can do for Jace is to stop talking about him all together!

Jenelle Evans has launched a new business with husband David Eason. Here they are on his birthday in 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Police reports have been falsified. That’s quite the claim by David.

In the Comment section of this post, Eason also denied that there is any footage from a Ring camera of the alleged incident in question.

“There is no camera footage,” he wrote. “But y’all keep dumbing yourselves down with useless garbage. That’s what you are anyway.”

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David Eason wears an ironic MTV shirt in this screen capture. (Instagram)

As cited previously, Jace has been reported missing on multiple recent occasions.

In late August, Jace went missing due to a dispute with his mother over cell phone usage… so claimed Evans at the time at least.

Just two weeks after the aforementioned initial incident, Jace was reported missing for a second time, eventually getting tracked down at a local gas station.

At this point, we can’t say for certain what happened between him and Eason, or what’s been going on with the teenager in genera.

But we really hope he’s okay.


David Eason: You People are Sick! I Did Not Assault My Stepson! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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