Debbie Aguero Calls Oussama “Scum” After He DEMANDS a US Visa

Debbie Aguero Calls Oussama “Scum” After He DEMANDS a US Visa

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To her horror, Debbie Aguero discovered that Oussama was lying again. This time, it’s about his entire plan for the future.

Debbie moved to Morocco on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way to live with him in Rabat. Last week, he told her that she “will” take him to the United States.

On the Sunday, April 30 episode, Debbie tells Oussama that she is not going to be his financial support. She’s not going to marry him to get him a visa. And she feels disgusted that he’s turned out to be the “scum of the earth.”

Oussama’s reply is that he will end the relationship on the spot if she won’t take him to America.

Picking up right where Season 4, Episode 12 left off, People‘s sneak peek of Season 4, Episode 13 shows Debbie and Oussama in a heated argument.

“So your real plan is just come get to the visa, get to the United States and that’s it. That’s how it goes,” Debbie accurately accuses.

And … Oussama is not really disagreeing. It may be news to Debbie, but he’s talking like it’s common sense.

Oussama directly tells her that his “plan is to get visa, come with you,” and then work in the United States.

Wow. There have been scammers and schemers — not as many as viewers think, but a few — on the franchise before.

They don’t normally announce their underhanded intentions to the world, however.

To Oussama, this seems like a matter of course.

As if explaining to a child — and not to the woman whom he is betraying — he wants to “work there.”

Oussama adds that he “can make lots of money” in the United States.

Specifically, he hopes that his art can make money in the US.

(So do a lot of American artists. It’s unclear if Oussama’s goals are realistic)

He fears that his art will never make money for him in Morocco.

Oussama despairs and, in a moment of vulnerability, admits that “there is no future” for him in Morocco.

Any sympathy that one might have for him swiftly evaporates, however.

Because he goes right back to issuing demands of Debbie.

“You will bring me to the USA,” Oussama then barks to a hurt, angry Debbie.

According to him, he “can guarantee my future there” by creating and selling art in ways that he cannot in Morocco.

Debbie sits there, fuming, as it all sinks in.

“It’s all about your future,” Debbie remarks.

She’s right.

And Oussama does not even bother to disagree. He is 24 years old, and it’s sounding like he views her as a stepping stone in his life plan.

Speaking to the camera, he even admits that he previously promised Debbie that they would live in Rabat.

But now he is telling her that he has not future in Morocco, only in the United States.

And he fully confesses that, contrary to what he told Debbie, his actual plan was to be the one to make an international move — not Debbie.

This whole time, Oussama has had one goal in mind, he acknowledges.

He wants to go to the US and “work there.”

Of course, he wouldn’t be able to work right away. So he’s asking Debbie to change her plans, still marry him, and support him for months or years on the hope that he makes it big in the art world in Georgia.

Obviously, every part of this is crushing news.

It’s not just the heartbreak and betrayal.

Debbie very clearly feels that this is a confirmation of the worst suspicions that her loved ones expressed.

“I love an artist and a poet but I’m not supporting a man,” Debbie finally tells him.

We wonder if she had to think about it … or if she had wondered what she would say if Oussama showed this ugly side of himself.

“I’m not gonna marry someone that wants a visa,” she adds bluntly.

Oussama sees that as a simple matter.

“So, I will stop this,” he threatens.

In other words, if Debbie won’t go along with his surprising new plan, he’ll break up with her. He’ll end this relationship (such as it is) here and now.

“When did that come up in our three years of conversation?” Debbie asks angrily while speaking to the confessional camera.

She colorfully adds that she is “using every bit” of her “self-control not to knock him into next week.”

Debbie then comments: “You’re scum of the Earth.”

Back during that heated moment, Debbie openly scolds Oussama, telling him that he should feel “ashamed.”

She reminds him that he had assured her that he “loved her enough” to “do anything” for her. Clearly, that was another one of his lies.

But telling Oussama that he’s “nasty” and “creepy” and more doesn’t seem to impact him. He simply adds his own insults … while clearly not seeing how he has wronged her.

Debbie and Oussama, who clearly did not break up then and there because they later recorded confessionals together, were still having that fight. Production may have filmed this weeks (or more) later.

He is suddenly insisting that this was always their plan (even though he confessed otherwise), and calls her a liar.

“You’re a cold-blooded snake right now,” Debbie says from right beside him. An ugly business, all around.

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