Desperate Putin testing remote-controlled drone Z-Tanks as Russia is ‘running out of crews’ in meatgrinder invasion

Desperate Putin testing remote-controlled drone Z-Tanks as Russia is ‘running out of crews’ in meatgrinder invasion

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A DESPERATE Putin is now testing remote-controlled drone Z-tanks after “running out of crews” to operate Russian armoured vehicles.

Dramatic footage shows a Russian soldier controlling a war tank fitted with a First-Person View (FPV) drone using remote controls.


A Russian soldier testing a drone-fitted tank[/caption]


The FPV drone technology in tanks can operate without a crew and blast enemies[/caption]


Russia has been relying on outdated Soviet-era tanks after losing thousands of them in the war so far[/caption]

Putin has been posed as the 'saviour of the world'
A humiliated Putin admitted to losing thousands of men in his meatgrinder war

Coupled with the latest drone technology, these tanks can operate without a crew and blast enemies – just by the touch of a few buttons.

The Russian army is increasingly testing these tanks – and can start deploying them to the frontlines any minute.

This, however, shows how Putin is increasingly losing men in his meatgrinder war against Ukraine – so much so that he is running out of human crew to operate such heavy-duty armoured vehicles.

Russia has lost thousands of tanks since the start of the bloody invasion – and has been increasingly relying on outdated Soviet tanks that were made obsolete decades ago, Forbes reports.

Ukraine expert Oleksandr Kovalenko told a Ukrainian media outlet: “The most interesting thing is that there are no crews in the unit who can operate these tanks.”

The expert added that a lack of professional soldiers trained to operate such tanks is increasingly becoming an “acute problem” for Putin.

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Another reason behind Putin’s bid to switch to such “humanless warfare” is because of the intense strikes by Ukrainian FPV drones.

A video posted on the Ukrainian telegram channel NMFTE showed one such drone accurately blitzing a Russian T-90M tank – one of the most modern tanks in Putin’s war chest.

Just a few seconds after the attack, paranoid Russian troops operating the air tank were seen abandoning the vehicle to save their lives.

War tanks tend to blow up quickly as they carry because of their ammunition storage arrangement.

Dramatic footage captured today showed Ukraine’s potent Kamikaze drones blowing up Russian tanks in the latest blow to Putin’s failing forces.

Kyiv‘s fierce determination was unwavering as the drones reduced them to fiery wreckage.

And two days ago, another Ukrainian drone obliterated Russia’s “indestructible” turtle tank in the latest blow to Putin’s failing forces.

Footage showed the sturdy military vehicle suddenly blowing up in flames after its crew left the hatch wide open in a fatal mistake.

Such fears have now forced Putin to test drone-fitted tanks – just so he can try to avoid the loss of more men in the bloody war.

With 1,270 soldiers lost on Sunday and 1,290 on Monday last week, Russia has seen its two bloodiest days of the meatgrinder war back to back.

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The rampant rise in fatalities comes after the approval by Western countries for Ukraine to launch an armed attack within Russia.

Kyiv says Russian casualty figures have been above 1,000 per day since Moscow launched a new offensive in Kharkiv on May 10.

Ukrainian forces are now said to have killed 512,420 Russian troops and destroyed 7,794 tanks, 15,020 armoured combat vehicles, and 13,345 artillery pieces since the start of the war.

A humiliated Putin has now acknowledged that thousands of Russian soldiers are dying in Ukraine each month in a shame-faced admission.

Kyiv has been rampantly using US-made ATACMS rockets to blitz targets inside Russia.

A series of deadly missiles were launched at Putin-occupied Luhansk as loud explosions rang out in the city, causing panic.

ATAMC rockets are fitted with a 500lb warhead and can reach targets 300km away in just five minutes.

The killer 2,300mph missiles give Ukraine nearly double the striking distance it had with the mid-range version of the weapon it received from the US last October. 

The US has also been supplying HIMARS missiles to the front which were deployed to destroy Putin’s S300 launchers.

Dramatic footage showed the HIMARS blasting key military targets and reportedly obliterating up to three of Moscow‘s S300 rockets which the warmonger used in Kharkiv.

In response, the despot threatened to send his allies long-range missiles to counter the West’s decision to allow his enemies to use lethal weapons against his troops on the frontlines.

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Meanwhile Putin’s new despicable pal bizarrely dubbed the despot “God’s child” who was sent to Earth to save humanity from World War Three.

Professor Sergei Karaganov, Putin’s new right hand, claimed the tyrant is the saviour of the world who will not only win against Ukraine but will also thwart a global war.

Putin, who has killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers as well as civilians in his illegal war in Ukraine, was also compared to Russia’s most famous emperor, Peter the Great.

The bizarre comments made by the professor show how the Kremlin is pushing delusional propaganda to justify its meatgrinder war against Ukraine.

Putin has pushed the world to the edge of a global war after invading Ukraine – and has been making chilling threats to attack Nato states in Europe.

Still, somehow Kremlin has been able to weave religious imagery around Putin convincing Russians that he is doing the right work and has “God’s support” in wreaking havoc in the world.


Kyiv claims to have stabilised the new frontlines in Kharkiv[/caption]

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