Diver bitten on head by great white shark has TEETH removed from her skull after suffering horror facial injuries

Diver bitten on head by great white shark has TEETH removed from her skull after suffering horror facial injuries

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A DIVER that was brutally bitten on the head by a shark had to have teeth removed from her skull after suffering horror facial injuries.

Bridgette O’Shannessy, 32, was attacked by a great white shark while swimming with her partner in Australia.


Bridgette O’Shannessy was left needing surgery after a shark attack left teeth in her head and serious nerve damage to her face[/caption]

The worrying scene as emergency services arrived to help the 32-year-old after she lost teeth and suffered serious nerve damage to her face

She was left with missing teeth and serious nerve damage from the mauling at Port Noarlunga, Adelaide, on Friday, November 10.

O’Shannessy was rushed to Flinders Medical Centre to have two surgeries to remove the teeth from her skull.

The woman was reportedly fighting for her life after the bite on the head caused “extremely serious head injuries”, and left a trail of blood on the beach.

Despite the horrific injuries, O’Shannessy is now in a stable condition and should make a full recovery. 

The attack happened after a day of free diving with her partner Brian Gordon Roberts.

According to Seven News, Roberts pushed the shark away to stop it from getting any worse.

Her concerned partner wrote on social media: “Unfortunately Bridgette was hit by a white pointer at Port Noarlunga reef yesterday.

“She’s out of theatre now in ICU and in a stable condition.

“She’s doing really well considering the circumstances and thanks for all the well wishes, I’ve been passing them on to her.”

She’s an experienced diver and environmental consultant at Flinders University near to the spot of the nightmare scene.

Dramatic footage shows beachgoers and paramedics scrambling on the beach after the vicious mauling.

Bystanders can be seen holding up plastic sheets as they help protect the woman’s privacy as she laid stricken in pain.

The video goes on to show people looking on in shock just after the attack.

The South Australian Ambulance service were first on the scene after getting horror reports of a shark biting a woman’s face.

Other images show people frantically leaving the water and walking alongside the woman who was put on an emergency lifeboat and taken away from the busy beach.

Emergency services rushed to the beach after the terrifying event and found the woman conscious and breathing but with severe facial injuries.

A lady who witnessed the horror spoke to The Advertiser about what happened.

After hearing screams, the woman saw a gruesome amount of blood along the beach.

She said: “I looked up to see this women basically wrapped in tarp… there was blood on the side of her head.

“When they brought her up to the ambulance, you could see there was a lot of blood. No one knew it was a shark attack.”

In a statement, police say the dangerous beast wasn’t found even after the beach was evacuated and helicopters were flown out to search for the predator.

It read: “Police with the assistance of other emergency services evacuated the water while a search to locate the shark was undertaken.”

“Members of the public have since returned to the water after the search failed to locate the shark.”

It comes just two weeks after a 55-year-old South Australian surfer named Tod Gendle was fatally killed by a great white at a beach near Streaky Bay.

That was the second death in South Austarlia this year after Simon Baccanello, 46, a teacher was killed by a shark near Elliston.

Earlier this month a woman was mauled by a great white shark twice in a gruesome attack in front of horrified beachgoers.

Terrified onlookers rushed to the water to drag her to safety as the victim screamed for help.

O’Shannessy was taken away in an emergency lifeboat after the brutal mauling and taken to hospital for surgery

O’Shannessy was free diving with her partner Brian Gordon Roberts when she was bit – the man reportedly pushed the shark to make it go away[/caption]

Beachgoers held up plastic sheets and barriers to protect O’Shannessy’s privacy

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