Dodgy black market demerit point scheme operating through social media

Dodgy black market demerit point scheme operating through social media

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Drivers who have accrued demerit points have been selling them off on the black market through a new scheme operating on social media.

The points are supposedly being exchanged for cash by drivers using social media marketplaces or groups.

The illegal trade has come as more drivers are being caught out by increasingly high-tech traffic cameras across Queensland, and much of Australia.

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Demerit points are reportedly being sold for cash online, in a scheme drivers are being warned is illegal.

The demerit points exchange scheme is unlawful and threatens the safety of other drivers on the roads.

“If they’re involved in this sort of behaviour, [drivers] should be really, really concerned because it is illegal, unlawful and will be punished,” criminal lawyer Ron Behlau told 9News.

Online platforms generally ban the sale of illegal items or goods, but in some cases the sale of demerit points is falling through the cracks.

One post online was labelled “demerit and fines sale”.

Facebook pages have popped up where you can reportedly buy and sell demerit points.

It had a price tag of just $50, but could actually end up costing hefty fines or jail time for those involved.

“Swearing a false declaration is an offence itself. It’s also tantamount to perverting the course of justice, which carries with it a seven-year maximum,” Behlau said.

Queensland Police told 9News they were unable to comment on the matter at this time.

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