Dramatic moment Ukrainian kamikaze drones blow up Putin’s hodgepodge ‘Franken-tanks’ as vids show brutal infernos

Dramatic moment Ukrainian kamikaze drones blow up Putin’s hodgepodge ‘Franken-tanks’ as vids show brutal infernos

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THIS is the dramatic moment Ukrainian kamikaze drones blow up Russian tanks in the latest blow to Putin’s failing forces.

Spectacular footage shows Kyiv‘s fierce determination as the drones reduce the hodgepodge “Franken-tanks” to fiery wreckage.


The Russian tanker’s final moments before being annihilated by a Ukrainian drone[/caption]


A POV clip shows the unmaned aerial vehicle (UAV) hitting the military vehicle with pinpoint precision[/caption]


A massive fireball engulfs Mad Vlad’s tank as debris and flames take over the battlefield[/caption]


The tanker was reduced to ashes and melted metal[/caption]

The drones are seen in the daylight mission smoothly descending until they hit Mad Vlad‘s tinderboxes with pinpoint accuracy.

The clunky military vehicles are then seen engulfed by bright orange flames in a brutal inferno.

As smoke was blown away, what once was a tanker was now reduced to debris and melted metal.

Gripping pictures and clips of the precise attacks were released by Ukraine’s Armed Forces on Monday.

A statement by the 46th Separate Aeromobile Brigade of the Air Force said: “The video shows the clear work of our brigade’s 3 aemb strike UAV unit.

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“The paratroopers worked like in the movies – spectacularly, spectacularly and, most importantly, effectively.

“Not a single tank of the occupiers reached our positions. Instead, this iron man and his crew storm the gates of hell.

“But it is not a fact that they will succeed.”

It is not the first time that Putin’s failing forces have resorted to using these bizarre vehicles on the battlefield.


Desperate Putin has been forced to build ‘Franken-tanks’ using Soviet-era scraps[/caption]


A second clip shared by Ukrainian military shows another tanked being blown to pieces[/caption]


Kyiv’s kamikaze drones destroyed the Russian tinderbox in seconds[/caption]

As Vlad’s efforts get desperate by the minute, the warmonger has been forced to build “Frankenstein tanks” with ageing naval guns welded on top.

Images have emerged of the crudely-engineered vehicles being deployed in Ukraine, revealing that a humiliated Putin lost almost all of the tanks he had when he began his brutal invasion.

Footage from an unnamed location appeared to show a 25mm 2M-3 twin-barreled naval anti-aircraft turret mounted on a Soviet-era MT-LB amphibious battle vehicle.

The odd device is thought to have been constructed from equipment pieces from 1945.

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Its cannons were most likely taken from a naval patrol boat, and its tracks could date back to the 1950s.

The “Frankenstein tanks” are believed to be an improvised response to the Kremlin’s shortage of essential war materials.

Just days ago, another Ukrainian drone destroyed one of Russia‘s “indestructible” turtle tanks.

Incredible footage showed the sturdy military vehicle suddenly blowing up in flames after its crew left the hatch wide open in a fatal mistake.

“Turtle tanks” generally refer to tanks with a heavily armored, low-profile design resembling the shape of a turtle.

The term isn’t specific to a single model but can describe various tanks known for their strong armor and defensive capabilities.

One prominent example is the German Panzer VIII Maus, the heaviest fully enclosed armored fighting vehicle ever built.

Another is the Soviet KV-2, known for its thick armor and large turret.

Ukraine & the rise of drone warfare

DESPITE tanks remaining king of the battlefield, killer drones have changed land warfare forever, a retired British general says.

Sir Richard Barrons stated that the deadly clashes in Ukraine demonstrated the power of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), but tanks are destined to adapt and enter an era of automation.

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Speaking on The Sun’s World at War, Barrons praised drones’ improved powers and armour-blitzing abilities, but he dismissed claims that tanks will disappear from the battlefield.

He questioned who would want to head into a fight without a big gun, effective sights and easy manoeuvrability over difficult terrain.

But Barrons noted that as drones change the course of land warfare, tanks too are being forced to adapt and quickly.

Barrons referred to the “significant effect” that first-person-view (FPV) drones have had on the Ukrainian battlefield.

The inexpensive, kamikaze, tank-blitzing precise missiles have become one of Kyiv’s biggest success stories, when the military ran dangerously low on munitions owing to long-stalled Western weapons shipments.

However, the retired general stated that FPVs are “not as effective as they sometimes appear”.

He said roughly only “1 in 10 drones makes it through the electronic interference”.

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