Farrah Abraham GOES OFF, Puts Texas Spa on Blast for Ruining Her Face

Farrah Abraham GOES OFF, Puts Texas Spa on Blast for Ruining Her Face

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Farrah Abraham says she’s been robbed.

Of her dignity?

Yes, one could make that argument.

But the former Teen Mom OG participant is now ranting and raving online about a different kind of robbery, using the review-based website Yelp to blast a spa in Texs for allegedly stealing her face.

The occasional MTV personality has, of course, had her face plumped, sucked, cut up, carved out and reworked an endless number of times over the years.

She’s typically very proud of these extreme makeovers.

This time around, however, Farrah was clearly VERY displeased with the job a local Austin spa did Botoxing and filling her face.

The plastic surgery enthusiast alleged that the establishment’s employees refused to listen to her… hit her nerves with needles… and overfilled her face, creating a number of dents.

In this still from a video selfie, Farrah Abraham flaunted daughter Sophia Abraham’s colorful hair streaks and facial piercings.

“Face robbery is real and I wouldn’t trust my face with this company Saving Face as 3 woman on location couldn’t figure out how to listen to the client on filler rather than Botox,” Abraham wrote this week on Yelp.

“Being charged thousands of dollars to ruin my face is bulls**t.”

The polarizing reality star went on to accuse the spa’s technicians of being “idiots” and of “not caring about hitting nerves with needles.”

She also insisted that they were simply unaware of human anatomy.

On TikTok, Farrah Abraham claimed that her account is only hers, now, rambling about how this makes her less codependent. (Image Credit: TikTok)

“I can’t even smile properly because of these none-skilled injectors,” Abraham wrote upon giving this spa just a single star in her rating, adding:

“It’s horrible to be taken for money and your face altered SCAM at it’s finest. Austin tx deserves better 100!”

As previously cited, Abraham has had a ton of work done in the past.

She’s never expressed dissatisfaction over any of it in such a manner before, however.

“I would post a picture but I’m famous and I don’t need their sh**ty work stuck on Google,” Abraham hilariously wrote, before adding that she had to go to another spa in New York to “fix” the issues she was left with after this Texas visit.

Thankfully, the follow-up technician was able to remedy the “facial robbery” Farrah says she experienced in Austin and bring her mug back to plumped-and-plastic perfection.

As you can see below, Abraham went ahead and promoted this New York-based business:

As for the accusations she often hears?

That she’s unrecognizable at this point due to all the work she’s had done?

“I recognize myself more than I’ve ever recognized myself,” Abraham says.

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