Farrah Abraham Talks to Sophia About Posting Feet Pics, Gets SO Gross

Farrah Abraham Talks to Sophia About Posting Feet Pics, Gets SO Gross

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Recently, Farrah Abraham has encouraged her daughter’s edgy makeover, earning real praise from people who are usually her critics.

But that doesn’t mean that Farrah has turned over a new leaf.

We all know that Farrah has delved into the world of online sex work — livestreams and more — to capitalize on her fame. There is, of course, nothing wrong or shameful about sex work.

But is it an appropriate topic for her daughter? 14-year-old Sophia knows all about her mom selling foot pics … and was talking about following in her mom’s, well, footsteps.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham discussed a myriad of topics in an overly filtered interview video. (Image Credit: In Touch Weekly)

To start things off with the basics: some people find feet to be alluring or sexually attractive. This is a niche but very famous sexual fetish. There is a well-known site, Wikifeet, that catalogues celebrity feet.

So, some sex workers — particularly those who are just starting out, unwilling to be especially explicit, or just have a lot of audience demand — will take photos of their feet and sell them.

Farrah is no stranger to foot pics. They don’t interest her on a personal level, but some of her customers cannot say the same.

Farrah Abraham has taken a lot of flak for “clubbing” with her daughter. But for once, concerns about Farrah’s parenting are unfounded. (Instagram)

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with Farrah selling pics of her feet — except, of course, that Farrah herself is a bad person. Which is pretty indirect when we’re talking about her toes or whatever.

However, some topics of conversation — including things that a parent might do for money — are not always age-appropriate for children.

Sophia is 14, so you might expect her to find out about her mom’s side business and ask questions. What you would not expect is the conversation that the two had … one that Farrah shared with followers.

14-year-old Sophia Abraham shows off her royal purple streaks and her overall aesthetic on a pink pedestal. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Sophia … talking to me about her feet, and asking me, like, if she should post her feet to her subscribers,” Farrah told the camera.

“And honestly, she showed me a picture of her feet in socks,” she added.

“Who cares this much about feet?” Farrah asked.

As this TikTok still documents, Farrah Abraham chatted with 14-year-old daughter Sophia Abraham about taking and selling foot pics. It’s uncomfortable. (Image Credit: TikTok)

Sex workers are, by definition, adults. A minor who is somehow in that line of work would be a victim of exploitation.

Of course, unlike nudity and explicitly sexual content, photos of feet are more complex. That does not mean that anyone under the age of 18 should sell or send photos of their feet to subscribers.

That would cross a very serious line. We’re not being prudes, we’re talking about actual minors.

Farrah Abraham took to her Instagram Story to boast about how well she is marketing 13-year-old Sophia Abraham. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

That said … perhaps Farrah was joking. Or, rather, perhaps Sophia and Farrah were joking back and forth, and Farrah didn’t explain it very well.

Actually, this would be a normal thing to joke about for a young adult and a parent. Not in every family, but in some. Lots of kids tease their moms about their jobs or joke about slightly spicy topics.

So why did Farrah ramble about wondering why people like foot pics instead of clarifying that she and Sophia were joking? Farrah has basically never had good judgment. Sometimes, the results are pretty gross.

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