‘Fifty Shades’ surgeon who killed lover by sprinkling cocaine on his penis ordered to pay £11,000

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A SURGEON who killed his lover by sprinkling cocaine on his penis has been ordered to pay £11,000 in damages.

Dr Andreas Niederbichler, 46, was jailed for nine years in 2019 as his girlfriend Yvonne M died of an overdose after performing oral sex on him.


Dr Andreas Niederbichler has been jailed for nine years[/caption]


Yvonne M died of an overdose after the sex act[/caption]


The doctor has been ordered to pay £11,000 in damages[/caption]

During the trial in Magdeburg, Germany, Niederbichler was compared to Fifty Shades character Christian Grey.

The court heard at the time that hairdresser Yvonne, 38, was a former patient who had a long-running affair with the surgeon and trusted him completely.

But after giving him oral sex she became short of breath and collapsed. A later autopsy revealed she had died from a cocaine overdose.

The medic said she had known about the line of cocaine on his penis but his claim was rejected in court.



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At the time, the medic was ordered to pay £25,000 compensation to the victim’s family.

And now a court has ruled the doctor must pay £11,000 (€13,280) to medical insurers IKK Gesund Plus who paid for Yvonne’s treatment before she died.

Niederbichler’s lawyers had previously refused to pay up in an earlier case claiming that Yvonne had taken the cocaine voluntarily.

But the medic was found guilty of three counts of rape and one of GBH leading to death.

Judge Steffi Ewald ordered the disgraced surgeon to pay funeral costs of £7,337, plus survivor benefits of £8,581 each to the victim’s widower and son.

It emerged he had spiked at least three other women with cocaine to make them more sexually compliant.

The court said Dr Niederbichler put cocaine on his foreskin before having sex with three other women between September 2015 and February 2018.

Prosecutors also said he secretly put cocaine in glasses of champagne, their lipstick, and their toothpaste.

According to local media, several victims reported being light-headed after seeing the suspect.

And one of his lovers twice crashed her car after unknowingly taking cocaine during sex sessions.

Another woman lost consciousness completely and has since suffered from nervous twitches.

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Niederbichler was a head physician at the Ameos Clinic for Plastic, Aesthetic, and Hand Surgery in the town of Halberstadt in Saxony-Anhalt.

Before that, he had the same position at the Dessau Municipal Hospital.