Fury as giggling idiots film themselves using a SNAKE as a skipping rope before one trips on beast in mid-air

Fury as giggling idiots film themselves using a SNAKE as a skipping rope before one trips on beast in mid-air

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A GROUP of men are facing online backlash after footage of them using a large snake as a skipping rope went viral.

One man held the reptile’s head while another held its tail, the pair swinging it in a circle in the air as their pal jumped over its body.

Jam Press Vid

Two men swing a boa constrictor like it’s a skipping rope as a third man prepares to jump over its body[/caption]

Jam Press Vid

The jumper lands on the body of the snake[/caption]

Jam Press Vid

He slips and falls on his back, on top of the snake, as his pals laugh[/caption]

Shocking video of the “animal abuse“, understood to have taken place in remote Argentina, has sparked outrage across the world.

The group of men are said to have found the boa constrictor on the road before deciding to use it as a skipping rope and film the ordeal.

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Two of the men swung the snake in a circle while their friend jumped over the animal.

All three men, and a fourth who was behind the camera, erupted in laughter when the jumper tripped on the animal mid-air and crashed to the ground.

He fell on top of the snake and rolled over it while in a fit of laughter.

One man let go of the animal’s tail as his friend kept a hold of its neck, dragging the snake along the ground by the head, its mouth open wide.

Social media users could hardly believe what they were witnessing in the clip, calling the group of men “bullies”.

One local said: “But what will happen to them? This is animal abuse.”

Another joked: “And we wonder why men live shorter lives.”

Someone else commented: “What idiots, you shouldn’t do that with an animal.”

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Another person said: “The only acceptable ending to this video is for the boa to swallow all of them.”

And another person added: “This is abuse and not at all funny.”

Boa constrictors can grow up to 13 feet long and weigh more than 100 pounds.

They are non-venomous and native to tropical regions in South America, according to Need to Know.

Last year, a massive boa constrictor was spotted in the middle of a busy road in the UK.

Cops encountered the “slippery customer” slithering across Park Lane in Aston, Birmingham while on patrol.

At least three police officers combined forces, also using a broom, to get the reptile inside a pillow case to be moved from the road.


PEOPLE in the UK convicted of the most serious animal cruelty crimes face prison sentences of between six months and 3.5 years.

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According to the Animal Welfare Act 2006, a person commits an offence of unnecessary suffering if:

  • an act of his, or a failure of his to act, causes an animal to suffer,
  • he knew, or ought reasonably to have known, that the act, or failure to act, would have that effect or be likely to do so,
  • the animal is a protected animal, and
  • the suffering is unnecessary.

Jam Press Vid

The jumper collapses onto the floor in a fit of laughter[/caption]

Jam Press Vid

One man lets go of the snake’s tail while another keeps a hold of its neck[/caption]

Jam Press Vid

The group of men laugh as the snake opens its mouth in distress[/caption]

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