<div>Gang steals £24MILLION in Ocean’s Eleven-style heist sneaking in roof & dodging alarms…before vanishing without a trace</div>

Gang steals £24MILLION in Ocean’s Eleven-style heist sneaking in roof & dodging alarms…before vanishing without a trace

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IN a mega-heist that rivals Ocean’s Eleven, a gang of stealthy thieves made off with £24million from a vault before vanishing without a trace.

Police have been left scratching their heads after the safe in Los Angeles was emptied on Sunday night – marking one of the largest cash robberies in the city’s history.


The GardaWorld money storage facility in LA was targeted on Sunday night by a sophisticated crew of robbers[/caption]


Police appeared to cover up a gaping hole on the exterior of the building – but other sources say the robber’s entered through the roof[/caption]

A total mystery still surrounds the break-in that took place at the heavily-fortified GardaWorld money storage facility in the LA suburb of Sylmar.

In an elaborately professional operation, the safe at first showed no signs of forced entry from the outside.

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The facility’s owners didn’t even notice anything was missing until they opened the vault on Monday, police revealed.

Adding to the mystery, very few individuals were aware that huge sums of cash were being stored in the safe, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Investigating sources told the outlet that they believe a sophisticated crew of burgles broke through the roof of the facility to gain access to the vault.

How? Why? I’m still trying to process it.

An employee of the facility

They believe the burglars had advance knowledge of how to gain entry to the facility while going completely unnoticed.

However, it is still unclear how they avoided the high-tech alarm system guarding it to pull off the heist.

On Wednesday, footage taken outside the GardaWorld building showed what appeared to be a now-covered gaping hole in the side of the building with a pile of debris next to it.

However, police have not shared whether the damage was caused by the break-in.

An employee, who wished to remain anonymous, was absolutely shocked to discover what happened.

“It’s just mind blowing that you would never suspect it,” he told Eyewitness News.

“$30 million in the Valley, gone. How? Why? I’m still trying to process it.

“Was it an inside job? Was it just one person? Was it a group? You know, there’s a lot of questions.”

The LAPD are said to be working with the FBI on the case.

Prior to last weekend, the largest cash heist in LA happened when £15million was stolen from an armoured facility in 1997.

The robbers were all eventually caught.

In July 2022, £800million worth of jewellery was stolen from a transport vehicle parked at truck stop in southern California as it headed to LA for the International Gem and Jewellery Show

The thieves had just a 27-minute while one driver slept and the other ate to stuff 20 large bags with their bounty of jewels.

The crime still remains unsolved.


Over £20million was stolen and no one noticed until the following morning[/caption]


LAPD cops remain stumped as to how the thieves got passed the alarm system[/caption]

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