<div>Heroic neighbour’s ‘instincts took over’ to save four kids from fatal Sydney fire</div>

Heroic neighbour’s ‘instincts took over’ to save four kids from fatal Sydney fire

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A neighbour has recalled how his instincts kicked in when he heard the cries of children coming from a burning home in western Sydney, where three young lives were lost.

Police allege that 28-year-old father Dean Heasman had barricaded seven children inside the Freeman Street home in Lalor Park on Sunday as flames took hold.

While emergency services were on their way, Jarrod Hawkins, who lives on the street, rushed head-first into the flames. 

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Jarrod Hawkins  Lalor park fire

“I didn’t realise what was happening, I just heard the kids crying and instincts took over,” he told 9News.

“The house was well on fire, it was smoky, couldn’t see a thing.

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“I just followed the voices, touched the wall and just found my way through until I could find the kids.”

Hawkins went back and forth pulling out four children one-by-one; three boys aged four, seven and 11, and one girl aged nine.

He also grabbed Heasman and a 29-year-old woman who were inside.

But the flames quickly engulfed the home and killed three other children – two boys aged two and six, and a five-month-old baby girl. 

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“There was nothing I could do. I was stuck,” Hawkins said.

Police allege that Heasman kept pushing the children inside the burning home and prevented emergency services from rescuing them.

“Never in my life would I think I would want to hurt my kids. It’s outrageous to me, it’s disgusting,” Hawkins said.

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Police said the children were yet to be formally identified and post mortem examinations would determine their causes of death.

Heasman remains in hospital in an induced coma under police guard as investigations into the fatal blaze continue.

No charges have been laid. 

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Lalor park fire

The woman and four children each remain in hospital in a stable condition. Hawkins walked away with minor cuts and burns to his foot.

The community has labelled Hawkins a “hero” but he has rejected that title. 

“I was in the right place in the wrong time, I was in a situation where I could help,” he said.

”I’ll never forget something like that.”

A pile of flowers and teddy bears outside the home is growing as the community rallies around the children, donating to a fundraising page to support them moving forward. 

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Premier Chris Minns said his government would support the surviving family members after they suffered an “unfathomable” tragedy.

Police have appealed to anyone who may have information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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