Holidaymakers heading to Spain warned as swimming at iconic Tenerife beach is banned INDEFINITELY after contamination

Holidaymakers heading to Spain warned as swimming at iconic Tenerife beach is banned INDEFINITELY after contamination

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A SHOCK warning has been issued on one of Tenerife’s hotspots banning tourists from swimming in the water.

Brits heading to one of the prettiest beaches on the Spanish islands won’t be allowed to dip their toes in the sea after contamination.


One of the prettiest beaches in Tenerife banned swimming indefinitely[/caption]

Puerto de la Cruz City Council

Warnings have been put up after a contamination with wastewater was detected in the sea[/caption]

The indefinite ban on bathing at Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz comes after wastewater pollution.

The contamination was exposed during tests for e-coli bacteria.

Health chiefs have informed visitors that swimming in the sea could be too dangerous.

Warning signs have been posted in different languages at all entrances to the beach.

Those who ignore the alerts are risking catching infections on their ears, eyes, skin, and nasal passages as well as gastrointestinal diseases.

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The ban comes into force today after the public health report of the Government of the Canary Islands revealed the horrifying water quality.

Puerto de la Cruz council said: “There is epidemiological evidence that this situation can cause gastrointestinal symptoms due to ingestion of water, as well as other types of conditions such as acute respiratory infections and infections of the ears, eyes, nasal passages and skin

“This decision will be extended indefinitely and is a measure in response to the decline in water quality that has been occurring at least since 2016 in the Playa Jardín area and, above all, in this last year 2024.”

The water quality at the Play Jardin has plummeted from excellent to insufficient in the span of just eight years.

Marco González, the mayor of Puerto, has voiced his concern that the situation will harm tourism and damage the island’s reputation.

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However, he asserted that in light of the current state of the water quality, the council must inform and take preventative measures.

Mr Gonzalez also expressed his belief that the situation can be turned around “if all administrations prioritise the actions that are already not only planned but also have the necessary financing.”

A thorough investigation will be launched to find any potential root reasons behind the underlying issue.

The detailed study will also examine all pumping stations as well as improvements to the local treatment plant.

Thousands of British holidaymakers flock to Puerto de la Cruz, in the north of Tenerife for its picturesque coast.

Playa Jardin has been regarded as one of the town’s prettiest beaches.

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It comes after the island has introduced a new tourist tax after locals demanded a freeze on visitors in mass anti-tourism protests.

The island’s council confirmed the new tax system will come in effect from January 1, 2025.

The tax will be applied to all the famous nature sites that are protected, including the volcano Mount Teide, hamlets like Masca and several rural parks.

An angry anti-tourist movement has been gaining momentum throughout the popular holiday hotspot islands in recent months.

Politicians are under immense pressure after tens of thousands of angry residents took to the streets to rage against the tourism industry in the country.

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