Horrifying moment man plunges down ravine while being spun around in ‘astronaut training chair’ after it falls apart

Horrifying moment man plunges down ravine while being spun around in ‘astronaut training chair’ after it falls apart

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THIS is the terrifying moment a man plunged down a ravine while being spun around on a rickety “‘astronaut training chair”.

The squeals of excitement from onlookers soon turned to screams of terror as the bloke tumbled off the cliff edge in Ayacucho, Peru.


The man was seen grimacing as two operators sent him into a stomach-churning spin[/caption]


The contraption suddenly buckles and becomes unattached from the poles[/caption]


The bloke then plunges down the ravine in front of his horrified pals in Ayacucho, Peru[/caption]

In the footage, he is seen strapped into the dodgy contraption at the Cabrapata viewing point which boasts panoramic views of the city.

Two operators grab onto the chair every few seconds to send it into another stomach-churning spin as the crowd watches intently.

Bystanders can be heard laughing in delight as their pal flies in different directions on the chair, which is propped up by two metal posts.

But after 20 seconds of rotating, the frame began to buckle under the pressure and suddenly fell off without warning down the ravine.

The daredevil was still strapped into the DIY space simulator as he horrifyingly slipped away in front of his pals.

A shocked friend filming the stunt let out a blood-curdling scream, just moments after they were revelling at the man’s terror.

Miraculously, the bloke somehow cheated death and survived the spectacular fall.

It is thought that the frail frame that wobbled off the cliff edge saved his life, as he was strapped in to protect his head.

The thrill seeker was rushed to hospital after his near-fatal pursuit of fun, but is said to now be recovering well.

The chair is a budget version of the state-of-the-art Multi Axis Trainer used by space agencies to teach astronauts how to survive high-speed spins in weightless conditions.

The cliffside viewing point that the device was situated on is popular with tourists thanks to its spectacular views.

Extreme rides and walkways have sprung up at the beauty spot as people look to cash in on adventurous tourists who expect theme park safety standards.

Officials are now cracking down on all of them over safety fears and have closed them all pending safety checks, local media reports.


The bloke miraculously survived his brush with death at the Cabrapata viewing point[/caption]


Officials have launched a crackdown on the DIY contraptions that are popular with tourists[/caption]

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