Horror moment navy cadet plunges to his death after parachute ‘fails to open’ in jump while training

Horror moment navy cadet plunges to his death after parachute ‘fails to open’ in jump while training

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THIS is the horror moment a navy cadet plunged to his death after his parachute reportedly failed to open.

The young soldier leaped from a helicopter during a training before encountering troubles with his gear.

Jam Press Vid

A young cadet plunged to his death from a chopper[/caption]

The soldier seemingly struggled to open his parachute
Jam Press Vid
He was captured plummeting to the ground with a sickening sound
Jam Press Vid

In the clip, seven cadets can be seen jumping out of a chopper and successfully deploying their parachutes.

The shocking footage then shows the last soldier struggling to open his malfunctioning chute as he plummets from the sky.

He is seen veering away from the rest of the group and smashing the ground with a sickening sound.

The cameraperson can be heard calling for a doctor while saying: “One of them got away, hurry up!”

The witness then ran over to assist him and found his lifeless body in the small crater around the grassy area.

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The young man, identified as Emmanuel Velazquez, was pronounced dead at the scene on July 1.

The training allegedly took place at a marine training facility in Champotón, Campeche State, Mexico, according to unofficial sources.

However, the Mexican Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR) is yet to confirm the exact location of the accident.

It is also currently unclear why the parachute failed to function.

The investigation into the tragic incident is still ongoing.

SEMAR said in a statement: “We express our deepest condolences to his family and friends, hoping that the love he left in their hearts will allow them to keep his memory alive.

“We know that there are no words of comfort that can help alleviate such great suffering.

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“For those of us who live to serve our nation, we know the risks that our work entails so when we leave, we know that our name will never be forgotten.

“Rest in peace, honourable, young cadet.”

The terrifying video, capturing the deadly fall, has gone viral online and accumulated 2.5million views since the weekend.

One person wrote: “Poor young man with his whole life in front of him.”

Another one added: “What a serious accident, that’s why all those responsible should be brought to justice.”

It comes after another disturbing video showed a skydiver’s panicked final moments before he’s killed on fatal plunge.

The distressing POV video captures Andrey Begma, 38, desperately trying to correct the problem with his hands during a 13,123ft jump in Russia.

Earlier this year, tragic footage shows a British base jumper making a fatal parachute error before hurling himself from a block of flats in Thailand.

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Nathy Odinson, 33, gained access to the roof of a 29-floor apartment block in Pattaya and leapt off as a friend videoed him.

And this is the story of how one skydiver managed to miraculously survive a 14,500ft plunge after her parachute failed.

Joan Murray, however, was still in trouble after the one-in-a-million landing in what could have been her last dive from the sky.

Jam Press Vid

His comrades successfully deployed their chutes moments prior[/caption]

Jam Press Vid

The young man was seen veering off from the rest of the group[/caption]

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