Horror pics show Ukrainian PoW looking like emaciated concentration camp victim after 2yrs being held by Putin’s forces

Horror pics show Ukrainian PoW looking like emaciated concentration camp victim after 2yrs being held by Putin’s forces

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HORRIFYING pictures show a Ukrainian prisoner of war left extremely skinny and fragile after being trapped in one of Putin’s ‘concentration camps’.

An emaciated Gorilyk Roman Vasilyevich was seen returning to his homeland in a harrowing state after two years of savagery at the hands of thuggish Russian officers.


Harrowing images show an emaciated Gorilyk Roman Vasilyevich after he returned to Ukraine after two years as a Russian PoW[/caption]


Vasilyevich was seen looking malnourished with his spine clearly visible out of his back[/caption]


Critics slammed Russia as they said Vasilyevich was left looking like a World War II Nazi concentration camp victim[/caption]

The shocking treatment of Vasilyevich, who looks like a World War II Nazi concentration camp victim, has been slammed by critics who say it leaves Russia in breach of the Geneva Conventions.

Ukraine has called on global authorities to stop allowing Russia to “use the suffering of people and their families as a weapon” in the bloody war.

Vasilyevich was a National Guardsman before his capture and was one of 74 prisoners exchanged in a prisoner swap on May 31.

Upon his return to Ukraine, photos were taken of the seriously malnourished man to prove the horrors of Putin’s regime during the Ukraine war.

His rib cage can be seen piercing through his body with his spine poking out of his back after the years of ghastly treatment.

The pictures of the skeleton-thin man were shared this week by the “Hochu zhyt” state project.

They work alongside the Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

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They described the prisoner of war (PoW) camps as “Russian dungeons”.

A chilling statement alongside the images of Vasilyevich said: “These terrible photos show Ukrainian Gorilyk Roman Vasilyevich after two years in Russian captivity.

“The condition of Roman and other Ukrainian prisoners of war evokes horror and associations with the darkest pages of human history – Nazi concentration death camps. “

They also said that none of the PoWs were allowed to be seen by people from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Something that is in direct violation of the Geneva Convention for PoWs.

The statement continued: “Not allowing observers to see prisoners of war, in violation of the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, is a conscious and purposeful policy of the Russian government.

“This is done specifically so that the International Red Cross cannot record how the Russian side treats prisoners of war.

Geneva convention on treatment of PoWs

THE Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War, signed at Geneva in July 1929, covers the treatment of prisoners of war during World War II.

It was significantly revised at the 1949 conference; the Third Geneva Convention defines humanitarian protections for prisoners of war.

Specific provisions stipulate prisoners of war must not be subjected to torture or medical experimentation, and must be protected against acts of violence, insults, and public curiosity.

PoWs must be housed in clean, adequate shelter, and receive the food, clothing, and medical care necessary to maintain good health.

They must not be held in combat areas where they are exposed to fire, nor can they be used to “shield” areas from military operations.

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The names of PoWs must immediately be sent to the Central Tracing Agency of the International Committee of the Red Cross, with POWs allowed to correspond with their families and receive relief packages.

Seriously-ill PoWs must be returned home, and all PoWs must be released – and sent home without delay – when the conflict ends.

“To hide from the whole world Russia’s inhumane attitude towards Ukrainians, literally the policy of genocide of the Ukrainian people.

“This is a humanitarian issue. Stop manipulation of lists, disruption of exchanges, holding non-combatants in captivity, fake trials and abuse of prisoners.”

Under the Geneva Conventions, the ICRC is allowed to offer humanitarian protection and assistance during armed conflicts.

Those countries at war must allow the ICRC to visit prisoners of war under any circumstances.


Russia has been accused of the mistreatment of prisoners since the start of the gruelling war by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

They claim to have “identified patterns of torture and ill-treatment of PoWs held by the Russian Federation”.

Harrowing footage this week shows the sick reality of Putin’s war in Ukraine as Russian troops were seen leading Ukrainian prisoners to a mock execution.

Four blindfolded soldiers were filmed as they were beaten, threatened, and marched through a forest near the frontline.

One cruel captor kicked the leading Ukrainian in the groin, causing him to fall to the ground, where he was then kicked in the head.

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A Russian soldier, reportedly a paratrooper, demanded that the fallen PoW get up, then said: “Looks like we’re gonna have to kill him.

“Do we have to kill him? Hey, get up, get up.”

Other horrifying ordeals in Russia include two Ukrainian servicemen with broken legs being forced to crawl over 1,500ft as they were filmed by Putin’s heartless troops.

Other Ukrainians have reportedly died in the hands of Russian soldiers because they were placed in “improvised detention facilities’.

One is said to have died just three days after being caught due to being left without “adequate medical assistance”.

Female prisoners have described sickening stories of being made to walk around naked past guards.

The UK government released a statement last month condemning the “torture and mistreatment of Ukrainian prisoners of war”.

Ambassador Neil Holland said: “We call upon Russia to respect its international legal obligations. 

“Russia should uphold the laws of war that it helped create. Prisoners of war must not be subjected to torture. 

“And all Ukrainians illegally detained must immediately be released.”

The OHCHR has also noted Ukrainian violations against prisoners including overcrowding of cells.


A cruel Russian soldier shoots into the dirt track, inches from a fallen Ukrainian PoW’s head[/caption]


Captured Russian PoWs in a detention center in Ukraine’s Lviv region[/caption]


Soviet prisoners of war captured by the Nazi’s being forced to walk to a concentration camp[/caption]

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