Horror vid shows cops shoot girl, 15, dead moments after they called her to safety as she fled her kidnapper killer dad

Horror vid shows cops shoot girl, 15, dead moments after they called her to safety as she fled her kidnapper...

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A HARROWING video shows the moment a 15-year-old girl was shot dead by cops after escaping her murderous dad.

Savannah Graziano was tragically gunned down by officers as she followed their exact orders when trying to run to them for safety.

san bernardino sheriff’s department

The harrowing moment Savannah Graziano, 15, was shot dead by cops as she tried to get to them for safety[/caption]

Savannah Graziano, 15, was shot by police in 2022 after being abducted by her murderous father
Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department

The moment Savannah (circled) follows the cops orders and walks towards them[/caption]


Cops surrounding the car of Graziano after the shoot-out[/caption]

San Bernadino County officers can be heard in the chilling footage telling the girl to “come here” and “walk” before she gets shot seconds later when leaving a car.

A second deputy then begs his fellow officers to “stop shooting her” as she lays lifeless on the ground.

Thug Anthony John Graziano, 45, abducted his daughter moments after he murdered his wife and Savannah’s mum Tracy Martinez.

Savannah was forced to witness a frightening car chase as police hunted Graziano down in a wild 70-mile battle.

Graziano constantly fired bullets at the cop cars behind him until he came to a halt on the side of the road about 80 miles from Los Angeles. 

The horrific footage of the shooting shows Savannah being told to leave her criminal father’s car by the group of San Bernadino County deputies.

Savannah can be clearly seen following every instruction in the clip as cops rush out of their cars and take cover.

Stop shooting her! He’s in the car! Stop! She’s OK! He’s in the car! … Stop

Deputy officer

The clearly shaken-up teen slowly gets out the car and moves towards the wall of officers on the 15 Freeway in Hesperia.

Seconds later, the terrifying sound of gunfire can be heard as Savannah’s lifeless body drops to the floor.

A deputy crouching behind a wheel of one of the police SUV’s is heard screaming: “Stop shooting her! He’s in the car! Stop! She’s OK! He’s in the car! … Stop!”

Police claimed at the time, they shot at her as they believed she was wearing “tactical equipment” – something the video clearly disproves.

San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus also stated they felt she was moving towards them at too fast a speed.

The horrific incident happened on September 2022, with the chilling footage only being released this week under the California Public Records Act. 

More footage shows the aerial view of the tragic death from a police helicopter.

After Graziano gives up on the police chase and sits marooned by the roadside the young girl can be seen exiting the car as instructed.

Passenger, get out! Come here! Come to me! Come, come, come… walk, walk, walk

Police audio

An officer can even be heard saying over his radio: “The girl’s out, the female juvie is out. She’s out on the passenger side.”

Savannah – in full view of the cops – then slightly crouches as she makes her way towards the officers.

Audio from separate recordings reveals one of the officers even pleads with the defenceless girl to come to them for safety.

They say: “Passenger, get out! Come here! Come to me! Come, come, come… walk, walk, walk.”

After taking a few steps, the video blurs over the body of Savannah as another cop can be heard saying “on no”.

Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department

Anthony John Graziano led police on a wild chase through California before his daughter was killed[/caption]


Anthony John Graziano, 45 was also killed by cops after he killed his wife and kidnapped his daughter[/caption]

san bernardino sheriff’s department

Cops were heard telling Savannah to walk towards them seconds before she was shot[/caption]


Tracy Martinez was killed by Graziano before he fled with their daughter[/caption]

One deputy was injured in the chase as Graziano fired numerous rounds out of his truck.

He was shot dead by police minutes after Savannah.

Officials later suggested the girl could have also been firing at officers at the same time as her dad but nothing has been confirmed.

The entire case still remains under investigation. 

Multiple guns were found in the car, all of which were legally owned by Graziano.

Something has to be done differently. She didn’t have to die

CJ WyattSavannah’s uncle

Savannah’s younger brother told investigators they grew up around guns and weapons.

As her uncle CJ Wyatt told The Guardian: “There needs to be better training so that unarmed people aren’t killed.

“Hopefully this video can be used for training – something has to be done differently. She didn’t have to die.

“She was a really sweet girl at her core, and she didn’t deserve this.”

Wyatt went on to wholeheartedly place the blame on Graziano.

Tracy Martinez’s death

Graziano shot his wife multiple times as he sat in his car.

Savannah was in the backseat when she saw her mum, Tracy Martinez, get brutally gunned down.

Multiple reports from witnesses and two other videos show Savannah sitting completely still as her mother screamed in agony.

Sergeant Christian Surgent confirmed this saying: “She’s just sitting in the backseat.”

The killer then drove off with Savannah as police issued an amber alert saying Graziano had “abducted/taken” his daughter.

He was spotted the next morning driving around with Savannah as he led cops on the chaotic and ultimately fatal car chase.

Martinez managed to get immediate help and was rushed to the nearest hospital but was ultimately pronounced dead later in the day.

She did manage to name Graziano as her killer just before she died, said Surgent said.

Family members told investigators the couple were going through a divorce.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office has provided no further statement or details on the shooting. 

san bernardino sheriff’s department

Audio showing a deputy officer begging cops to stop shooting[/caption]

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