How anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers target women looking for abortions

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  • There are more than three crisis pregnancy centers for every abortion clinic in the US. 
  • CPCs don’t offer abortions, but many show up in searches related to abortion services.  
  • Doctors say these centers cause confusion and elevate people’s mistrust of the medical system. 

Crisis pregnancy centers, or CPCs, are religious organizations that don’t provide abortions, yet they often show up in results for the abortion pill.

Anti-abortion activists say these centers will help women facing unplanned pregnancies in places where abortion is now illegal. But some women who have visited a CPC thinking it was an abortion clinic say they feel misled by the center’s online advertising.

We spoke to abortion providers and experts, met with someone who went to a CPC, and visited one ourselves to figure out the impact of crisis pregnancy centers at a time when access to abortion is being rolled back across the country.

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