How Putin is ‘using mystery ghost radio’ station ‘The Buzzer’ to ‘share top secret intel with signal ready for nuke war’

How Putin is ‘using mystery ghost radio’ station ‘The Buzzer’ to ‘share top secret intel with signal ready for nuke...

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VLADIMIR Putin may be using a mystery radio station known as “The Buzzer” to share top secret war intel with his cronies, an expert has said.

Electronic warfare expert Professor David Stupples said the ageing despot, 71, could also be “reserving” the eerie signal to help Russia survive nuclear war.

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Putin could be using a ‘ghost’ radio station for military intel[/caption]

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The mysterious UVB-76 has been broadcasting every day since the Cold War[/caption]

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The signal, nicknamed The Buzzer, sends signal in the shortwave band at a frequency of 4,625 kHz[/caption]

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UVB-76 is a Russian shortwave radio station – broadcasting every day since the late 1970s.

Apart from being linked to the military, its purpose has never been officially confirmed – sparking wild conspiracy theories.

Many believe it is a military communication tool – possibly used to communicate with remote stations or to activate certain military units.

Some even believe it is part of a “dead man’s switch” system, which would automatically trigger a military response in the event of an attack on Russia.

UVB-76 transmits on the frequency 4625 kHz and is characterised by an eerie sound that buzzes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The buzzing is occasionally interrupted by mystery voice messages in Russian – consisting of sequences of numbers and words, believed to be coded messages.

Professor David Stupples, a senior researcher in electronic warfare, first heard about the mysterious Russian radio frequency in the 1990s.

He told the Sun: “It’s a military source. So we do know that. And we know where the transmitters are in Russia.

“We know it’s military. So you then have to speculate as to why they’re [Russians] using it.”

It’s understood the ghost station has towers located just outside Moscow and St Petersburg.

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The Buzzer is occasionally interrupted by mystery voice messages in Russian[/caption]


An expert said Putin could also be ‘reserving’ the eerie signal to help Russia survive nuclear war[/caption]

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The high frequency band signals would enable Vlad to send orders to his troops and people across Russia[/caption]

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Professor David Stupples is an electronic warfare senior researcher[/caption]

Professor Stupples explained that the UVB-76 is a high frequency band, known as HF, and available to listen across the entire Russian territory – from its Indochina end all the way to its European cities.

The advantage, the expert says, is that such signal can be transmitted and heard without satellites or without the internet.

This makes it easy for Putin and his spies to send military intelligence quite literally “under the radar”.

Professor Stupples said: “What that means is that the signal never leaves the atmosphere.

“It just bounces along what is called the ionosphere. It would cover basically the whole of Russia.”

And in the event of a nuclear war where most communication would be wiped out, Putin’s high frequency signal could still operate “as normal”, he said.

My own speculation is that they are reserving this channel for emergencies

Professor David Stuppleselectronic warfare expert

“Since it can broadcast for the whole of Russia, in times of a conflict which is probably nuclear, the broadcasting of signals is going to be very difficult because of the effects of nuclear weapons,” the expert said.

“But the high-frequency communications will probably get through.

“And so why would they be using it?

“They would use it to be able to communicate to the whole of Russia some of the instructions from the centre [Moscow] or where Putin and his colleagues are going to position themselves in times of war.”

The reason behind the continuous broadcast is simple, the researcher said.

If they stopped broadcasting and the 4625 kHz frequency became free to use, anyone could “snatch” the signal from the Russians.

“The only way that you can make certain that the band is available is to keep broadcasting on it,” Professor Stupples explained.

“So what Russia is doing is reserving this frequency.

“My own speculation is that they are reserving this channel for emergencies.

“Either because of a worldwide conflict using nasty weapons or in case other things go wrong like they’ve lost all their satellite communications.”

Professor Stupples said the UK and the West should not be alarmed by the Russians’ use of the mystery radio signal – yet.

“Putin doesn’t need to at the moment, because he has all satellite communications, and there’s no threat at the moment – as far as I know – to any satellite communications,” he said.

Countries in Europe have long shared concerns about a potential world conflict with Russia – as Putin pushes forward with his illegal war in Ukraine.

Recently Poland and the Baltics announced plans for the construction of a huge 1,500-mile defensive line along its border with war-mad Vlad.

Leaders from Poland, LithuaniaLatvia and Estonia all claim a protective blockade is essential to protect Europe from a dangerous Moscow.

Putin has been ramping up his military threats among other worrying activities as he repeatedly tells the West to avoid getting involved in his war in Ukraine.

Previously the Russian tyrant has vowed that his nukes are “always” ready to strike leaving the world on a knife edge.

The wild conspiracy theories about the UVB-76

THE Russian radio station UVB-76, also known as “The Buzzer,” has been the subject of numerous wild theories due to its mysterious nature.

Some of them include:

Spy Communications: One of the most prevalent theories is that UVB-76 is used by Russian intelligence agencies to communicate with spies. The repetitive buzzing sound could be a marker to keep the frequency occupied, with occasional voice messages being coded instructions for undercover operatives.

Nuclear Dead Man’s Switch: Another theory proposes that UVB-76 is part of a “dead man’s switch” system, which could automatically trigger a nuclear response if the station were to go offline. This would act as a deterrent, ensuring a retaliatory strike even if command and control were destroyed.

Mind Control Experiments: Some believe that the station is involved in psychological operations or mind control experiments. The strange buzzing and periodic voice messages are thought to be part of an attempt to influence or control the minds of listeners, either broadly or specifically targeted individuals.

Time Travel & Parallel Universes: Among the more outlandish theories is the idea that UVB-76 is a tool for communicating with time travelers or accessing parallel universes. The station’s mysterious and seemingly nonsensical broadcasts are interpreted as messages from other times or dimensions.

Alien Communications: A more fringe theory suggests that UVB-76 is a communication link with extraterrestrial beings. The unusual sounds and sporadic messages are believed by some to be attempts at communicating with or receiving messages from aliens.

Scientific Experiments: There is also speculation that the station is part of scientific research, possibly related to ionospheric studies or weather modification. The consistent signal might be used to study atmospheric conditions or to experiment with weather control technologies.

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