Humane’s AI Pin got trashed by a YouTuber, and it sparked a firestorm over whether that’s fair

Humane’s AI Pin got trashed by a YouTuber, and it sparked a firestorm over whether that’s fair

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marques brownlee mkbhd
Marques Brownlee

  • YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee gave a scathing review of Humane’s new AI pin.
  • One Humane staffer conceded the feedback was “honest” and “solid.”
  • Some X users said Brownlee’s review would mark a death knell for the company.

Marques Brownlee, the massively influential YouTube tech reviewer whose channel moniker is MKBHD, delivered a scathing review of Humane’s new AI Pin Monday, which he titled “The Worst Product I’ve Ever Reviewed… For Now.”

While one Humane employee took the feedback in stride, the video sparked a firestorm on X, with one detractor calling it “almost unethical” for Brownlee to have posted the review given his vast influence and ability to dent an emerging company.

The Humane AI Pin — which Brownlee is hardly the first to critique — is a tiny wearable computer (priced at $700, plus a $24 monthly subscription) that straps to your shirt.

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It’s intended to complete daily tasks: answer questions, make calls, and take photos, for example. It can even project an interactive screen onto users’ palms.

In his review, Brownlee applauded the build and craftsmanship of the device. He said he loved the concept of an AI assistant and respected the Humane team for attempting to create something new.

In practice, though, the device was slow and often returned the wrong answers, Brownlee said, with an inconsistent battery life and poor photo and video quality.

The YouTuber’s review garnered strong reactions on X.

Sam Sheffer, Humane’s head of new media, called Brownlee’s review “honest” and “solid.” He added that “feedback is a gift” and said the company would “continue building.”

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In another viral tweet, however, the user Daniel Vassallo called Brownlee’s review “distasteful” and “almost unethical” given his huge following. “With great reach comes great responsibility,” Vassallo wrote. “Potentially killing someone else’s nascent project reeks of carelessness.”

“We disagree on what my job is,” Brownlee retorted.

Vassallo told Business Insider he wasn’t defending Humane and actually thought the substance of Brownlee’s review was “fair and balanced.” His main issue was with the title of the video.

“The power to crush a company shouldn’t be taken lightly, and that headline is what most people will see,” Vassallo told BI.

Others concurred the review had the potential to dent Humane — though they didn’t dispute Brownlee’s right to post it.

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“MKBHD bankrupted a company in 41 seconds,” wrote the user Alex Finn. “This clip will be the gravestone for Humane.”

Alex Kehr called the review “devastating for the future of Humane,” adding, “The most trusted tech reviewer saying it’s the worst product he’s ever reviewed is going to eviscerate sales.”

Neither Brownlee nor Humane immediately responded to requests for comment from BI.

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