I ditched my boring job to become an OnlyFans star – now I can’t go on dates but it’s worth it

I ditched my boring job to become an OnlyFans star – now I can’t go on dates but it’s worth...

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AN ONLYFANS star has revealed that her successful career means she can no longer go on dates – but she says it’s all worth it.

Charlotte Lavish loves whipping up an X-rated storm on OnlyFans, where tens of thousands tune in to watch the brunette stunner.

Charlotte Lavish’s life is so far removed from her life as a graphic designer
She now travels the world at her whim but sacrifices relatively normal activities like dating

The American adult star went from a freelance graphic designer to jet-setting around the world with a job that brought her “financial freedom” but also “paranoia”.

Her life is now a blur of yachts, luxury cars, hotels and working when, if and how she pleases.

She happily describes herself online as a “Full Time Princess + World Traveller”.

But it’s not all plain-sailing as she admits that being an adult star means giving up her privacy.

Charlotte, who has almost 400,000 followers on Instagram and over 75,000 loyal subscribers on OnlyFans, said one major flaw is her ability to make new friends or date without being recognised.

She told The Sun Online: “You have to make a choice because you’re going to make less money if you don’t show your face.

“Now the anxiety and the paranoia is much higher and I feel like I need to have a conversation with every new friend about what I do.

“You end up having to have these very weird conversations that I feel like I would never have had to have if I was still just a graphic designer.”

The model had a partner for six years who supported her work and even made content with her.

“It was us two together,” she explained.

But now she finds the single life is far tougher as people either recognise her or can search for her content online. 

She said: “I tried to enjoy going on dating apps, but I kept having people tell me ‘Oh, I looked up your pictures’.

“So now I don’t really have the opportunity to kind of hide and then let people know what I do later on.”

And yet, giving up her anonymity for her work is greatly outweighed by the life-changing amounts of money it bought her.

“Or else I would have gone back to my old job,” she said.

Beyond dating, her public persona has opened her up to online harassment and people spreading false rumours.

“I think a lot of women are familiar with like getting harassed and things like that,” she said.

“But this is like a different level of harassment. And, it does feel very weird.

“Once you start having more followers, people just make up anything and now you have to just defend yourself constantly or people will just randomly send you just horribly mean messages.

I will never stop selling my own videos because I feel like it’s like a movie.

Charlotte Lavish

“The thing is people take what you post and they really run with it and create a storyline.”

It’s just a few of the sacrifices Charlotte has made for her unconventional career, where part of the role demands a very public performance.

“It’s a highly sexualised version of myself I put out online,” she explained.

“It’s definitely hard to kind of get over that anxiety of showing my real personality just because you get a lot of scrutiny from people.” 

Instead, she creates a persona to protect herself.

“I’d be even more upset about people tearing apart my actual personality,” she said.

Charlotte also has access to the hidden lives of thousands of her fans many with bizarre kinks and fetishes.

“It’s a strange world,” she admitted, adding that it took some getting used to.

“Paying attention to fans is a serious thing to learn,” she said.

And for Charlotte, she doesn’t see the money running out anytime soon.

“I will never stop selling my own videos because I feel like it’s like a movie,” she said.

“People may retire from making movies, but they’re not going to retire from getting the money from those movies.”

All in all, the adult creator said she has no regrets and she just wants to ride the wave of her X-rated success as long as she can.

“I’m already doing it,” she said.

“There’s no point trying to stay small. It’s already happening.” 

Charlotte intimately knows both the pulls and drawbacks of the career she’s set out on
‘It’s a highly sexualised version of myself I put out online,” she says

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