I make an extra £10k a year with my easy side hustle – anyone can do it & it brings joy to so many people

I make an extra £10k a year with my easy side hustle – anyone can do it & it brings...

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A MAN has claimed he makes an extra £10,000 a year thanks to an easy side hustle and he says it brings joy to so many people.

The savvy Aussie revealed on TikTok he buys cheap second-hand bouncy castles, known as jumping castles in Australia, from Facebook Marketplace and then rents them out every week.


The TikToker is seen holding a wad of cash at the start of the video[/caption]

The Aussie makes his money by hiring out kids’ bouncy castles

In an average week, he says it brings in $450 (£240) or $18,000 (£9,600) across 40 weeks, if the average is maintained.

The man, who is not identified, said in the short clip on the social media site: “I wasn’t going to share this one but I will if it can help someone’s c**ppy life not be c**ppy [sic].”

He added the idea was the “easiest side hustle” ever.

The man known as the “Flip King” also revealed he buys second-hand items online, such as iPhones, and then resells them for a profit.

While the bouncy castles idea does appear to be easy there are some considerations to be taken into account.

Anyone following his example will need insurance and will have to make sure they are safe to use.

You’ll also need a vehicle to transport the bouncy castle to and from locations.

In the footage, the man is shown holding a large stack of money before sharing how he advertises the bouncy castles.

He said: “Go on Facebook Marketplace. Buy as many small kids’ jumping castles as you can – make sure they come with blowers.

“Buy heavy duty tarps to put them on and protect the bottom.

“Then market your castles in local community Facebook pages. I have three I rent out three times a week for 40 weeks, easy $20K (£10.7k).”

The man adds the three castles all vary in price from $45 (£24) to $60 (£32) for a one-day hire.

According to the video, a $100 (£53) refundable bond is needed and there is an additional charge for delivery and set up.

According to the comments of the video, the man says he pays $55 (£29) a month for insurance.

He wrote: “These are not classed as commercial castles under amusement ride, insurance is much less.”

The post on the @flipping4money page has attracted a lot of attention and has been viewed more than 141,000 times so far as well as gaining over 100 comments.

One person wrote: “Amazing, what a legend. I love this.”

Another said: “You’re a real one for not gatekeeping.”

Many though wanted to know more details and what his charges were.

Elsewhere, a woman who started her side hustle as a way to earn a bit of cash says it now brings in more money than the £70,000 she makes in her day job.

A full-time mum claims she makes £80,000 a month from her side hustle but only works at it for 10 hours each month.

A YouTube star has also revealed he makes £3,000 every month from his money-making scheme and he just sits back and watches the cash roll in.

He buys the bouncy castles from Facebook Marketplace

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