I quit my stressful office job to travel the world for FREE – I’m living the dream and saving thousands

I quit my stressful office job to travel the world for FREE – I’m living the dream and saving thousands

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A WOMAN has quit her stressful office job to travel the world for free and is saving thousands in the process.

Kristina Corniel from New York found a new gig that allowed her to galavant across the globe and live in luxury – with only one catch.


Kirstina Corniel quit her day job to travel the world[/caption]


She found a new job that put her up for free in luxury homes[/caption]


She was also able to stay in the most picturesque destinations with her new gig[/caption]

The dream job offer came about when the 34-year-old quit her mundane Human Resources job after working 100-hour weeks.

Feeling “unfulfilled” Kristina started to travel more.

She told SWNS: “I started to think about how I wanted to live my life day to day.

“I thought about what I wanted more of.

“I wanted more sunlight, more exercise, more time with family, more nature, more learning, more excitement, more growth, more fulfilment, more freedom.”

In 2017, she took a solo trip to Thailand and instantly met like-minded people.

Through her new contacts she found remote work as an online teacher before she became a full-time content creator.

But then she discovered a job that cut out all the usual travel expenses – house sitting.

The only catch was she had to look after the owners’ pets.

Since taking on the extra role she has stayed in ten homes for free across California, Montreux, London and Texas.

And during her month-long trip in Switzerland she was able to save £6,000 while taking bubble baths, eating cheese fondue and driving a luxury car.

She said: “I get to stay in beautiful places and save.

“It’s a huge hack for me.

“Not only do you get to stay in quality homes but you can have more time to explore.

“Sometimes I let the house sit site dictate where I’m going next.

“Being able to live like a local in Switzerland, one of the most expensive countries in the world for free, was definitely a highlight.”

Kristina signed up on websites such as House Sitters America and MindMyHouse where she pays a small membership fee.

However, the woman claimed the trade off for free accommodation was worth the additional cost.

She said: “It’s a game changer.

“All you’re doing is feeding their cats.”

Kristina now travels with her husband, Martin, and the pair have managed to visit most of Europe and have no intentions of stopping any time soon.

She said: “I’m creating an amazing, beautiful network throughout the world.”


Kristina pictured during one of her ‘house-sitting’ shifts[/caption]

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