I scooped £89million lottery jackpot – what I did the next day was very surprising and every winner should do it too

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A WOMAN who scooped £89million on the lottery surprised the world when she revealed what she did the following day.

The nurse, from Sydney, Australia, won the single-largest prize by an individual lottery winner on the Powerball back in 2019.


The nurse won a whopping £89million in 2019 but hasn’t let the money change her[/caption]

She initially thought she had won a tidy £89,000 when she received the news, before realising her prize had a few more zeros to it.

Despite many winners bagging the life-changing sum and ditching their day jobs, the dedicated caregiver still turned up to work the next morning after dropping her kids off at school.

The mum explained one of the few people she shared the incredible news with was her boss – but not to discuss her resignation.

Her love of nursing did not falter when her bank balance boomed, so she decided to carry on with her business as usual.



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Two years on from her win, the Sydney-based multi-millionaire, who chose to remain anonymous, has opened up about her unwavering work ethic.

She explained: “When I told my boss, she just grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug.

“She was so thrilled, but it was hard for me to tell her initially because you just don’t know how it’s going to go.

“She was more worried about if I was going to quit my job but I told her I needed to keep working.

“Nursing is something that is in my DNA. I can’t not do it!”

The mum continues to live a modest lifestyle despite having stacks of cash – and now appreciates the luxury of ordinary everyday items.

She continued: “Being able to buy fresh flowers is a luxury. It’s the little things like that, that I don’t have to feel guilty about.

“I can buy a nicer bottle of wine now after (previously) celebrating with a cheap bottle of chardonnay.”

Instead of lavishing gifts on her loved ones, the nurse opted to treat them with experiences around the world instead.

She said the memories of their travels – that she never thought her family would be able to afford – were “priceless”.

The down-to-earth winner also bought a stunning new home for her brood, in hopes that her children will have a nest egg to pass down through future generations.

But she still hasn’t let her change in wealth alter her personality and suggests other lotto winners should do the same.

She said: “If it’s possible and you can stand it, wake up the next morning and go to work.

“It gives you normality, and it allows the news to slowly sink in.”

Nursing is something that is in my DNA. I can’t not do it!

The Aussie also offered some staunch financial advice to players whose numbers come up – including to keep tight-lipped.

“Run, don’t walk, to a really good financial adviser,” she suggested.

“It takes two weeks for the prize money to come through. I used those two weeks to engage a financial adviser who I really trusted.”

She also credits closely guarding the secret of her windfall to her success, as only “a handful” of people know.

The mum added: “Take some time to think about who you might tell before you start sharing the news with your family and friends, and let the story get out of the headlines first.

“I have a small group of very loyal friends, and you just don’t know how people will react but I haven’t had any negative responses.

“If this news affects relationships in a negative way, then it’s probably time for that relationship to end anyway and that’s just natural.

“Honestly, everyone we told were in tears, genuine, happy tears!

“The people I have told were all so thrilled to be let in on the secret and be one of the people who helped guide me in the right direction.”

She said no one has ever asked her for a slice of her winnings after she told people it “had been locked away”.

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