I was a single mum at 18, penniless & working at Starbucks – thanks to my side hustle my business is worth £165million

I was a single mum at 18, penniless & working at Starbucks – thanks to my side hustle my business...

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WHEN Jennifer Wehner was 18, she found herself single and pregnant without a penny to her name – but her side hustle made her a multimillionaire.

The former Starbucks employee was living in a friend’s spare room when she took an interest in real estate.

Facebook – Jennifer Wehner

She took a leap of faith and moved to Arizona with her kids, which paid off massively[/caption]

Facebook/Jennifer Wehner

Jennifer knew she had to make a career change to support her children[/caption]

Jennifer heard about how her friends were taking homes and flipping them in Arizona, and a lightbulb went off.

She packed up her life and her daughter, and moved to Arizona, where she bought her first home for £100,000.

The new home inspired Jennifer to enter the real estate business, where she saw immense potential.

Flipping homes looked lucrative to Jennifer, so she began networking and looking for the “ugliest” properties to renovate.

She said: “Buying at the right price, re-modelling the home, and selling it for top dollar was fulfilling both financially as well as emotionally.”

Jennifer continued her side hustle as the years went on, acquiring properties ranging from apartments to luxury homes.

But after the 2008 recession, she was forced to start from scratch – which was difficult, but worth it, she said.

Jennifer reflected: “Seeing new buyers fall in love with their new home was incredible.”

The single mum even employed her daughters to help at open houses and showings of properties.

The young girls would help their business savvy mum set up snacks, greet guests and take videos for her homes.

Her online presence allowed her business to flourish, and the side hustle quickly morphed into a full-time business.

Real estate turned out to be Jennifer’s calling.

She sold so many homes in 2021 that she raked in upwards of £165million.

Jennifer’s four kids are reaping the benefits too – she bought them a home in 2020 that has doubled in value – within only three years.

The mum reflected: “My home has made me money, and it has lost me money. It has taught me to be grateful for all of the memories of raising four beautiful children.

“And perhaps most importantly, to me, my home means freedom. It has helped secure my family’s legacy as it is our biggest financial and emotional investment.

“I can succeed and live my dreams, you can too.”

Another single parent bought a £257,000 first home, all while saving hundreds on childcare costs.

Gregory Tymaow saved thousands by switching gyms, letting his parents look after his son on weekends, and doing free activities while out on the town.

Gregory didn’t get any financial help for the deposit from friends or family, and moved into his house in February after years of saving.

He gave advice to others looking to save: “It takes a long time to save if you are a single parent. But even if you put a little aside each week or month, it all helps. 

Facebook/Jennifer Wehner

The single mum certainly got lucky with her business[/caption]

Facebook/Jennifer Wehner

Jennifer said her social media presence helped her business blast off[/caption]

Facebook/Jennifer Wehner

The side hustle has made her wildly successful[/caption]

Facebook/Jennifer Wehner

Her team has grown a great deal since she started in the early 2000s[/caption]

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